Some of my friends, and me too, most were living in Saigon in under 40 years, from many regions of many provinces, due to different circumstances that come / to / about Saigon live. You may recall that we are “migrants” because the parents do not live in Saigon and we were not born here, but can also be regarded as “Saigon” because we have grown up, married Home, work until retirement, even perhaps “blindly down arms” is also here. But generations of our children were born and grew up in Saigon, although native recorded on people’s identity cards where they still consider themselves to be “the main brand Saigon”. Of course, if the household is considered a prerequisite, we must be seen as Saigon “genuine”.

In Saigon term “immigrant” is often used in public authorities to distinguish permanent residents and non / no residence in Saigon, aims “administrative management”. Researchers typically associated with this kind of concept “informal economy” in the study of economic activities of the urban Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. But in daily life almost Saigoners little use to say “immigrants” or “peasant population”, “People” although in the southwest or call Saigon “the city” travel Saigon “to the city”. Then I, just as “immigrants” just as “Saigon” can know nothing, know nothing about The Saigon? May start from a few recognizable somewhat disjointed after here?

So I make this site to descript all of my review about Saigon, a familiar place of mine. Thank for watching it.

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