Saigon broken Rice

In Saigon, in addition to specialties such as bread which I have referred to here, then I think, Saigon still one more specialties such as broken rice.
However, what this dish it is not taken away, do not buy it as good as the gifts of Saigon, It was only able visit here to eat, then eat more to a certain extent, will smell, then yeah, sometimes, Broken rice plate in Saigon is also a rather specialties, It’s not my joke.
The place where I’ve been for 10 years ago, There’re about three decades ago it’s no longer the alley way Van Hien, the front of the house I was broken rice stalls Aunt Thu. Perhaps I know is because of the broken rice plate rice stall.
Her street vendor is half a meter of high, It is about 2 square meters, the seller faces the road, on the right is the rice steamer always closed, but kept open the lid of the smoke that is original jam up from white rice dunes, smelling the fragrant rice, left the baskets plate, cup, spoon and fork. The food turned out street stalls do get side table, sat on the stool gnarled, eat and talk, handy, please add pepper pieces, pieces of fish sauce, onion piece, little ones that are fresh aunt Thu laugh for no extra charge.
But that’s not what this article about rice plates lend unto aunty Thu PR, but I want to talk about broken rice.
Plates are sometimes broken rice grains, rice is the kind obtained during the making of rice from the rice grain, including threshing stage shell, ready, rub bran and polish, the broken rice obtained primarily from process peel and rub bran plucking, because of the two processes, the grain more susceptible to fractures. Like rice, plate variety, taste her plate, plate peach market …
North less seen eating rice plates, and if so, see the countryside just eat. Also in the south, because the region Mekong delta is the largest granary so, it also means that the broken rice, rice export is not, there are many, should bring new people in South Vietnam so that rice to eat less, not pour them.
Groats, other than ordinary rice because rice seed was broken pair should not be served in the main meal of the day, because whole-grain food habits in the Asian diet, how to eat a plate of rice meals were perhaps poverty too, should have no place in the panels of the main meals (lunch and dinner are), although its nutritional value is not inferior rice kernel is. Therefore, the plate used to cook breakfast, to help eat cold the previous day, just help other eating rice farmers into the fields early in the morning to make his stomach.
For broken rice intended for the morning, so people also how to cook rice so that the rice grains are not broken through it, as this will feel bored. If cooking traditional recipes are notoriously high water poured over the face of rice 1 medium fingers are tasty to cook a pot of rice, rice grains are thoroughly broken, then cooking plates require less water, namely filling approximately Rice is barely present. The cooking plate with a little water so it makes the grain was holding back, about 95-97% come apart, so the dinner plates, rice grains are slightly stiffer than other meals in the breakfast. The reason for such broken rice cooking, the rice bowl is to not feel too well fed for someone prone to morning meal (like tui), so the same amount of rice, if cooked rice is a bowl of rice full of earth, if cooked broken rice would fill approximately the rice bowl, which is defined by the way how to cook food.
So, for a little cooking water so, grain drier was broken rice, one cup of rice new add a little onion plate. Vietnam people not eat any rice dish with onion except rice plate, this can only explain that the extra fat particles broken rice out to more slippery, easy to swallow when it really “not ripe”.
And also because of reasons such dry cooking, so that I have aunts Thu talking head all learned from his own experience, “steamed” broken rice pot of steamed buns such leak (less water) , so that each plate of rice ladled out to guests are a landscape of white rice grains, porous plastic, because grain and broken rice after cooking also continue steaming until the draw for diners.
What reason Saigon people eating plates in a plate and not in the cup, because that’s their breakfast at the time, so no need to prepare separate rice bowl, own food, its own fry, sauce separately, but they for all those things without end a fork, the fork is only just aesthetic in presenting food while effective in mixing rice for them, but the bowl is too heavy, the cup is too small.
The dish came with rice plate, if a little attention, no fried foods, fried foods easy to do because heavy tummy, only interesting dishes and baked goods. Grilled crab made from finely minced cooked with eggs and other ingredients, steamed into a round cake, then cut out one eats a piece of about 4 fingers. Then select the type of fatty ribs, about 5 cups sliced, marinated the night before and then baking the sweet smoke. Pigskin packaging is shredded and mixed hearing lean shredded. Often when there are three main dishes served with rice plates. Now broken rice has a lot of other dishes such as sausage, braised pork, pork, fried eggs, dried fish and many other dishes rub cotton, but its main course, remains the slopes, envelopes and rolls.
Dan Saigon is saying “easy as eating ribs,” rib actually not as easy as eating a meal packs, or rolls for longer to chew bones, which they say means rib rice dish edible everyone , anyone can do, and eat always.
Because rice slopes, meaning rib broken rice, rice seed is not too loud, after mixing with onion and sauce then became slick, easy to swallow, and most importantly, the skills of broken rice seller, is presented chop on top of a plate of rice, a plate of rice and stretches to look slopes, we often see the chop first, but if it’s a cleverly cut chop and grilled well, it will just thin, medium a little fat around the edges, just seems ripe to bring the meat and the fragrant smell of food. Eat ribs with the “ease” its fun, as such.
Saigon broken rice dish that people eat breakfast every day, it is not arbitrary to the speaker to find something, use that, but it’s a drawing from the experience of many people enjoy and processing through very For many years, then in the process, they gradually found a way to reconcile the good and bad elements, additional sites and fill up more losses the advantages of it. It was experimental science, no other book written about it, and no one explains why so, should stab the people themselves automatically enjoy the perfect dish of Saigon, but nobody bearing in mind that it alone all the time line of folks open land.
Studied in depth, it takes time, I’m just enough little time in the morning to write this, but I know I’m missing a lot, as the accompanying dishes, new dishes, sauces, rice added, and each sentence stories related to it. Come meet certain appointments meal dinner plates go away, I will mention a few available means you hear playing: D.

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