There’s nothing better than a bowl of Eel porridge of Nghe An people in the cold

In my experience, a worth dishes of eel porridge which is delicacies at the restaurant which … specializes in selling goats – 420 Le Van Sy str, Tan Binh District. But just the extra dishes at the goat hot pot, but most of the customers when the tipsy eel porridge dishes are the last to “rise”. Flexible cooking porridge along soft eel has a taste of real local đằm are pretty close, as like to do warm exile at say software.

To be An eel dish to eat more than you should visit the specialized eel near the airport zone (Tan) with enough oatmeal, Burma, eel, eel pot Braised banana beans … Eel porridge dishes, Burma eel at first glance not attractive because of how much stuff is delicious to sink off down under. Chao is the spoon just looks good again.

Eel porridge dishes, Burma eel at first glance not attractive because of how much stuff is delicious to sink off down under, we will be served a hot porridge served with Youtiao. Additionally eel FRY in Burma also equally attractive.

The eel pieces software intact, have deep spice marinated laced dye technology, Golden, little more should things iridescent gold oil both cars, porridge, in which indispensable CU deodorant compression roller skates, taste and make a lot more glamorous. Green onions, fresh green intact persicaria Prashant was chopped up, drop the Bong Thinketh on the water steaming, light drops of red peppers. Fly up slightly pungent scent drag, not eating that mouth has seen thòm crave.

There are recipes for cooking porridge and broth is delicious eel spine Burmese was retired put out and get water to make broth. Rice porridge cooked delicious type, be an inch of grain security rather than pounding or milling, when cooking rice in ninh water slowly sprinkled to porridge not clumping or break.

Noodle vermicely was carefully selected and should eat to most cars, but still not be unconsolidated.Porridge and sorghum porridge-smoked sausage with Youtiao eel crispy tan very fit. Equally attractive is the Burmese dishes fried eel, Burma is not too dry, not too wet, covered up a little yellow thing oil attractive nursery.

Because of the Nghe An people think that eel dishes of their Favorites and think of many dishes with eel by land where incentives produce copper eel species eat the sweet taste, not fishy. Eel is called “Angel fish”, “fishing”, “where is” water animals “ginseng.

In addition to Burma, the Human Mind and porridge are also many other attractive eel dishes such as Braised eel eel soup, banana bread, served with sauteed eel eel pot of chili … Each dish has a special flavor but can not lack of mainstream spices such as turmeric, scratch, persicaria, pepper, chives (tubers), chili … not only put up with fiery spicy smell but also brings the unique identity of the Art of cuisine.

Sorghum porridge, eel of Technology is probably rare dishes not being “future tense” when introduced to Saigon. Gourmet said that eel in eel is An authentic copper should more juicy pet eel in Saigon. However, a well as the seasoning is unchanged compared to the original. A delicious contest should try in the beginning of the rainy season of Saigon.

Tri Nhan Restaurant information
12B Da, Ward 2, Tan Binh District
Open: from 6 h to 11 h am, from 13 h to 16 h Max
Price: Burma eel, eel porridge (40,000 VND/Bowl), eel hot pot (250,000 VND/parts)

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