A night of exposure at the Saigon river

To take a picture in terms of the lack of light, if not open flash, do not increase the ISO up high because that will affect the quality of the photo, then you have to have a fulcrum, such as desktop, a space for sure, or camera tripod.

Exposure shooting techniques I’ve never shaved, every shot was bad, but the tide is due to my personal experience, I usually do A mode (see Bao is Average), M (manual) shooting because you see any inconvenience for not taking lia lịa, not be expensive moments, especially with those at life photography , portrait, landscape or at sunrise or sunset that need to be taken quickly to catch the change of scenery, the sky according to the light. There are people that want to capture professional should take in the mode M, but I think the mode M suitable only in certain special cases when people take the time and personell like to photograph more sprawl.

Go back to the experience of shooting the exposure itself, in addition to the A mode, the ISO was low (usually 100), need a place to stand (as said above), Aperture f (Aperture) to low (5 or 5.6) to highlight the subject. You can also set the aperture at the rate of 8 to 10 to spread light evenly to the detailed scenery, however, don’t understand why with Canon 500D camera in the morning, when the lack of photography to high f from 8 air upwards very hard getting strokes (can use cameras over 3 years and then suffered strokes should go?). Getting contours (in focus), then to A mode (auto-auto), only when the new switch to strokes catching hard to M (manual), but limited use because of its poor, eyes M getting very tired eyes, then auto that photo out for unknown again.

If not through professional training school of photography, learning the techniques of photography is a long process that requires time-consuming hone, read the information, taken from the experience of others, along with diligence, go take images, many categories. After long time of such accumulation, you will “food poisoning” are many techniques or, will see that there is a lot of knowledge that his previous mistaken, would know that this technique, other techniques are not as hard as you think.

And when there was little knowledge of, Yes, you see his pictures again, and find the category photos you do best, right with your preferences to that increasingly promote the genre.

  1. Exposure, and many times the camera panning horizontally



2) Exposure with my tripod




3) Making the bokehs



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