Markets in Saigon and some of the interesting period

Cau Ong Lanh Market located on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, District 1, HCM City, was built in 1929. Market sells fresh fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerine, coconut, watermelon, guava, mango and these vegetables. Customers are the boats from the mainland province to dump cargo owners at the market stall.

Barn owners wholesales for people trafficking in small markets in the city on resale. Market day and night session but from midnight till dawn is the most crowded and bustling. Market Edge Cau Ong Lanh small a market there called Cau Muoi Market, which sells fresh fish, shrimp, crab fishing boat … also due to carry over. However, people still or referred zones is fair Cau Ong Lanh, because two adjacent open markets, together with the bridge near a place called Mr. Lanh.Ly because this name because it has a canal (say the canal boats than before walking out the door very wide big river). From the end of Nguyen Thai Hoc want the station when Van Don, Khanh Hoi district, District 4, a new one must be accustomed to it. At that time there was a holistic Consulate has put money into a wooden bridge to public transportation for convenience. Later, by 1929, the French for rebuilding the bridge is 120 meters long with cement, so a French maker of design requirements. So far, the bridge has almost a century to be damaged and has been built lai.Nhieu wonders: He leads a military commander here is his or consulate? Because this canal-side near Cholon also headquarters of a consular officer VN is Nguyen Thanh Italian. Does the bridge was erected by a character known locally so people called Cau Ong Lanh? The Italian consul Or he then also generous donations have made this bridge for people to go?

Finally, the second hypothesis says money building this bridge is due to a territorial infantry spend money to local people remember the thanks given to name the bridge bridge “Mr. Consul” is more convincing. But the real name of “Cau Ong Lanh,” This is what they do not have any books from ever recorded. The writer of this article to look to family Nhon Hoa, D.1 visit the elderly abbot here said: “Dinh Nhon Hoa has built more than 150 years, at about the 19th century and was ordained in Tu Duc 5th year (1852). Dinh was built in the style of old, with the presence, martial cases, a sufficient nuance of an ancient village house is worshiping three gods: tutelary obligation scene (village god), the god of Tran Trieu canonization, ie You virtue Linh Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Ngoc Thang church a military commander (a general of the Nguyen Dynasty, defending fort Thu Thiem – Plum Tree, against the French when they attack Gia Dinh) … In 1885, the scholar Truong Vinh sign that reads “The wooden bridge nearby soldiers under his management for crossing, he led Binh Thang sure this is not someone else.”

Then, he led soldiers Nguyen Ngoc Thang is perhaps the characters were people naming the bridge along the famous old street market and solemn church in Nhon Hoa family to appreciate. Currently there Lanh Binh Thang his name given to a street in District 11, HCMC.

House first flea market in Saigon

The Vietnamese capital lenient when we named, from name to name local character like a fork in the Chi Hoa, one he named Nicholas. He worked as sort of medication, his pharmacy located at the junction so decades, Mr. Xie was named junction known whether the administrative documents not recorded. Landmarks Go Vap, too. From nearly a century, this region has a large mound stumbled trees, a rustic name should locals call the Go Vap, read long day camp became Vap. Just like that, many sites in the former Saigon are popular goods, such as names of persons below the flea market.

If North had first flea market in Sai Son Mountain, Shanxi Province, the South also the first market in Ben Nghe land. The Market is known as the market people squat or opencast market, located on an empty lot near the residence of France’s O-ma. In ancient times this market in the morning session, the theft abdomen, baskets, vegetables, meat, fruits and flowers to sell and not up bar, cabinets, collapsed. Buyers and sellers are only the locals and have a strange name: Fair “won every tree.” In episode married bay stating: “Plants have won everything, consider selling enough Siamese cau drug jam. Cambodia saw the bridge as raw plank column stumbled bottle “.

Please do not rush to speculate here have all made house all considered fair or a market. All are nouns Westerners call the minority in the mountains. That’s because the spot market have an enormous banyan tree, lush foliage, and in this market sell something toiletries which in other markets can not be a lighted by oil lamps peanuts or coconut oil, made Terracotta. Fashioned lamp type a kneeling legs and hands clasped, on top of the head, the oil lamps team (at that time it was the people themselves collectively).
First Person flea market “Tree won everything” was later rebuilt and named a new, very significant as Pacific Fair (located corner of Nguyen Trai – Cong Quynh Street, District 1, HCMC).

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