“Cai Be” floating market (Tien Giang) – Experience of the line of water

Tourism has many different forms, travel, sea travel, eco-tourism area. Have you ever had the feeling of fun sitting in a boat sailing on the river? Contemplating the dawn, the busiest trade activities of inhabitants of river water? Want to enjoy the fresh fruits from all the Cuu Long River Delta? All will appear in front of you when the experience on the CAI be floating market.

CAI Be floating market in Tien Giang is a largest floating market southwest region. CAI’s District has the largest fruit granary Tien Giang is famous for fruits: mango, Orange, guava, XA cam sành seat, breast milk, grapefruit leather, Forges, Tan lap green … CAI be floating market has an interesting feature is the meeting of the four morning to night in large scale. Transfer fruit from the station is the place to go all regions on the country both exports abroad (China). Prices here are cheap unexpected, one would also like to buy both a fruit market about large quantity, but should not be.

Items on the market are very diverse: household goods, it must, to poultry, seafood … until all the food, the drink is never lacking. You can sit on the boats to enjoy a warm, goofy jugs Bowl a more complex coffee that just new here. The vendors weave through the port beam boats for sale. Unique in the floating market is the “concession would left-CU” i.e. the boat boats would sell fruit or anything, just hung on a pole vault, no need for sale buyers only look will know.

Tourists with more Friends, by along the banks of the river there are blocks at hidden at as a beautiful marine paintings. Dawn and sunset is at the bustling and crowded place canoe boats on the market. If people want to these activities, should arrive in the early morning when dawn just begins will be merchant witnessed bustling underwater, how interesting. Is a person who likes peaceful, quiet at sunset would be at replayed the man hard on the boats to flood the boat blue is the characteristic image of the people of the Western River water. Because the afternoon quite sunny so about 4 p.m. start of the excursion is a reasonable period of time, sit long to sunset the light from fireflies doused the Rana boats, boat start up will create for you the sunsets as another Galaxy. This is the shimmering harmonies at the virtual, the region’s most beautiful, this floating market.

Early in the morning as well as at the busiest place floating market
Each one looks, on the banks of the water have different colours from the vegetables, berries on the boats, the speed she three hover in the wind, from the large to the small boats are painted and decorated in many colors all factual as a picture.
Enjoy a day on the CAI be floating market. -The crowded boat boats floating market Friends

CAI be floating market is the most famous attractions of the province, is a tourist favorite, is the typical tourist type of inhabitants of river water in the Mekong River Delta. Here you can discover many interesting things in the city on the river water.

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