Draging hooves on the Saigon River – The simple joys

Some people are woking by their nets and drag hooves on the Saigon River, running through the hamlet 9, Tan Hiep (Hon Quan) is a hard job but they have relatively stable income. There are many interesting stories behind pull hooves villages on the river. Let’s follow me to understand this.

When Dau Tieng irrigation lake (Binh Duong) building, is now turning hooves craft on the lake in Tan Hiep (Hon Quan) formed. It has dozens of years of family living by turning hooves, fishing. Although not wealthy but suffered hard thanks to the lives of fishermen fairly stable.

On Dau Tieng stop line, rising water flooded forest area upstream area of ​​Saigon River, including the area of ​​Tan Hiep (Hon Quan) and the other side Tan Hoa (Tan Chau district, province Xining). Taking advantage of the well water, people come here to settle and survive by fishing, put the stuffing, put own trap fishing. Over time, this fishery resources are depleted, people turn to career turning hooves.

People here said: close a fixed hooves on the lake is like taking a house. The employer must prepare the ground hooves beneath the lake, the cylinder construction materials hooves … The most important is the location of hooves, where shrimp fishing stream crossing. Thus, workers must have experience turning hooves water, calculated ebb tide rule, process flow and the discharge of Dau Tieng. If the selected location rapids to put fish shrimp little hooves are moving through; Water flowing as office prone broken hooves. If selected places too shallow or deep, it will not turn surges flooded huts were drained or dry hooves shore edge.
I found a people here, and he said: “To put hooves, to clean up the stem, branches are left bottom of the lake, avoid tearing hooves and fish make room escape”. British Customs said: “To move a placement hooves, a skilled worker must dive continuously for 10 days to finish a half months. 10 years ago, the cost of renting a placement hooves move from 1 to 2 million, 10 times now. These people have to dip beneath the lake to collect the obstacles “.

According to our understanding, the people living on the Saigon River using single kind hooves (1 mesh) and hooves double (2 mesh) to catch shrimp and fish. After the bottom of the lake surface (about 1,000m2), people office building. This is a hard stage and requires high precision. Head hooves used by old bamboo (they tre). Typically, the base used 3 to 4 bamboo tied into bundles together to create certainty. The upper part of the cylindrical shell is rather complex design, the top pulley wheels are mounted to the friction drag hooves do not stretch mesh halter nowhere fast.

After fixed the pillars down the lake as part the grid (hooves). This stage required finesse and accuracy to pull hooves when no disproportion in a corner office leading to broken or flip. Previously, the shooting hooves are by manual power. The system is made of a turning circle diameter logs about 40cm, length 1.2m, both ends being mounted on two fixed price. Whenever hooves lifted my foot up to take 30-45 minutes. Now, to reduce manpower, the hooves all investors turning winch mechanically or by electric motors explosion. Nguyen Bao Yang, a master’s heels at (Hamlet 9, Tan Hiep), said: “Turn off motor hooves quickly and reduce capacity, each time taking up only 5 minutes hooves. Jobs took control extremely gentle and safer than before “.

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