Some ecological zones in Saigon will make you happily

Ecotourism is a new area with views of the South River, but strangely was to come here, you will be having fun and experience with the game very interesting.

Just as the model to summer fun, entertainment has become a topic of extremely “hot”. Now, finding a cool place, can bathe, eat, play station drop, as immersed in nature are always the top criteria for a true summer. However, we will have to find a place somewhere like that would be located very close to the city center, convenient for travel, but still be interesting.

Actually in Saigon has many such resorts, which may include the Van Thanh, The BCR, Pacific American, … But recently there is a place just come into operation, only the center of about 45 minutes drive from town (near Cat Lai Ferry). Ecotourism Zone this new mix of river and countryside recreational activities quite novel, interesting, so here is extremely “hot” with the youths in Saigon at the beginning this summer.

Where no strangers here, which is an eco-tourism Bamboo, also known as Tre Vietnamese friends. With approximately 45.000m2 campus, but the entire inside is covered by brackish river, levees and long distant coconut trees headline. Especially they are completely not explore that whole is retained in line with what most natural, so when you come here you will feel very close, comfortable as truly be immersed in nature
Because the entire campus, this resort is surrounded by the river, so the entertainment services, entertainment will also be tapped and fully utilized. With western river scenery this country certainly can not be missing the game as rowing dinghy, river bathing, … however special attraction and the most here is there are a lot of new games Foreign that hardly find in other tourist attractions such as cycling on the water, food, party on the river float by dragging and Kayaking subject familiar, but in the category race and challenged, very suitable for assembly, group and team building.
If you like to be eating it every day from 10am this place – 1pm always have them with food buffet “homegrown” countryside characterized as pancakes, Khot, potato, crab vermicelli, noodle sauce, barbecue, … rustic but extremely tasty and attractive.

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