Fishing in Saigon River – A little happiness

The city is on the River, water canals, Saigon. On board water waves matches the Sun; the night when looking at the surface of the River, the face glittering waterways experience, reside on the top of the foot, the next of which is both a universe of stars. And with its fish, fish bite the bait restless soul, do light vibration the buoy sentences are inclined to lay the water floats, net water …

People go fishing on river water collected, suddenly found himself short before nature. Quiet joy of phắc own animal fish, such as the wine yeast, seep gradually into each vein, fiber, imprinted in the eyes open to the direction of the tiny fishing floats.

Wait forever, wait forever. New-float down, shock tilt; the fish DART away, pulled back bent fishing rod. The fish keep just enough tension to keep the fishing line fish. Also when jerks up, wire tension question as coming off, but pulled up just as the cloud of hyacinth or those lemon moss green.

Fishing Tools
CAU ca sai gonThú fishing less expensive material. Fishing rods stuck wheel for only 7-8 million; type of fit only about 3-4 hundred thousand/PCs. Need hands, kind of stuck for about 5-6 million, the cheapest type of only 4-5 dozen thousand/PCs. Kind of expensive fishing rods are often used for fishing in the sea is needed Now, Cat Lai, Binh Khanh ferry, the Saigon river or Soài.

The money is to little fishing rod fishing type of small business in the slit and missed, the pond, the Lake. Bait the da form, depending on the type of fish the fish want to question. Cricket bait for fishing catfish, Pangasius, fish. Shrimp bait for fishing, fish birds. Thank you to fishy bait fishing carp, carp. Bait fish to bait, fishing catfish.

You can buy fishing rods and bait in a lot of places in the city such as the way She (Q1), Tran Quoc Thao (Q3), NGA (Q3), Le Hong Phong (Q10), Vo Van Ngan (Germany) or Most Blessed (h. Binh Chanh). There are two things you must buy from “yourself” and not everyone there was to go fishing.It is time and patience.

So, What’ve you got?
CAU ca o gonĐối wrong with people who go fishing in Saigon, fish or not does not matter. Have the patience the time sentence, life occasionally pass like the wind along the river. There are people who question the happy sad, snatching up from the River opposite waves the strange serenity. Have the “absent-minded one day let go verse-Is less then many different fish-hook struck the bait love-Snatching up are both half Thiem dimension”.

Go fishing, ponder saw his life-when you were young, then go play, go to school; When growing up, then go to work, business, families, expands the social relations …-actually just the long sentence, followed each other constantly, nonstop.

Fishing makes people invisible or change the direction of the positive. The angry, becomes hasten calmness, drilling. The weak can become strong. And forget a lot of things don’t need to be in a life-like habit hám dissipated, hám money, nominal.

There is much that we embrace the same fishing rods on the river water and sunshine wind of heaven and Earth. In summary, the biggest dilemma that fishing can bring is to question yourself.

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