Whether you are busy, try to enjoy coffee saigon

You have to drink a lot of coffee, you know wants to brew a great cup of coffee not so hard. But deep water dilutes the coffee aroma, coffee thick jackfruit that insipid, select an appropriate mixing ratio is 70% traveled and distance; want more sweet?

Want to enjoy the feeling of acrid acrid, pangolin tongue right? Ease of that, add some dried areca is done immediately identified. You want flavored Rhum, the Rhum; you like the fat fat, fragrant aroma of butter, just spend some bretain on. You asked me to do patis anything? Well, difficult process to go, say how to correct here! Then let it charming. How deep? Like drinking coca must have more salt for salty tongue, I mean. Drinking lemon Rhum little sugar added to it to form players. As those with a sweet tooth but still bite drink black coffee without sugar for eccentric. Cravings stone dead but every place you want to drink, then drink vegetarian insisted no stone for other similar person, to class. I do not know, do not describe, invites you to try and get themselves felt. You claim to have porcelain cups, silver spoons; you talk to pre-war music, to smoke Capstan (Casting found nearly half of all cigarettes and started hissing red), Ruby or new green Basto was born, interesting is not it? Do you have enough of what you need, why just like to have a coffee shop? I do not blame you. Good coffee is just one half, but we do not just drink coffee, we are addicted to “drink” man in the cafe; “Drink” atmosphere and scenery coffee; “Drink” story around coffee tables and more. So I invite you to return to Saigon coffee atmosphere late 1960s and early 1970s.

Saigon in the mid-1960s to early 1970s youth grow older and in war itself. These “green guestbook date” had folded; the butterfly dreaming itself into a beat, ungainly. Laughter seems less and less, less limpid spontaneity; face, looks pensive, quieter and impartial minds could not roaming around anymore. The first cigarette is burned in my life; cups of bitter coffee and cafe click into place dating to spread thoughts, for quiet contemplation. There’s a bit urgent, honest; with a little coquetry, trendy. For a new provincial youth and crestfallen, Saigon big, very prosperous and bustling. Phan Thanh Gian go down, Phan Dinh Phung go up; two-way road and opposite a backbone like a cross along the city center helps guide to make it easy to move. Just like that, the odd car, loyal as a friend loiter around Saigon, Cholon and Gia Dinh.
These days, I was the permanent guest of Cafe Thu Huong Hai Ba Trung Street. The restaurant is in a beautiful location, accounting backpack camp ground looked cross towards Tobia coffin; where there is a narrow room just put the counter, just as seating for those who prefer listening to loud sounds, the rest is a large brick courtyard with a roof but no walls to prevent, from within could look clear the way through the small iron bars painted green with a paper flower truss Minister Rop. Sitting here can be heard echoing the music coming from inside; private feel slightly isolated, but also can realize the vitality lit up every morning, look tired, overcast afternoons are still ignoring flowing through the outer road.

The owner here is a special one: Discomfort in a cute way. It seemed to him, sell coffee only as a pastime and Coffee is a fascinating art. He was proud of the names of beneficiaries and want to protect it. You are the visitors drink coffee right? Please sit still. Coffee is undiminished next boss will sit somewhere observation and will appear in time exhausted filter, eliminates sugar, stirring to you and will politely “please” when things are done. My coffee is so fresh coffee Thu Huong, it is the manner of Thu Huong, Thu Huong characteristics. In the business sphere cafe, with audio users; has users light and landscape; with people thanks to the gracious hostess; users have the qualities of coffee to attract customers. Thu Huong boss chose last, most difficult way and he succeeded. Thu Huong arrivals are? A lot, but even where they are from the same point as they all seem young and have “words” too; “He”, “she” always tha set cours trousers, plus local journals History, Technology, Office and so on …
You usually eat chicken noodle Hien Vuong, Pho Pasteur; you often go over the clothes glanced glanced at the beautiful wedding garment tunic Setup, so you know coffee Hong anywhere? But where it nearly tailor Setup, a few doors to the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, sidelong look through some old trees in fence Centre for Experimental Medicine (Institut Pasteur). I have to ask because I know you probably do not notice. Quan tiny galaxy, with the name Hong and money brooding look of it looks really old, not painted gaudy, flowers chandelier anything. From the outside looking in, shop as any other normal house, with a window always close the doors and a small, rolled iron and pull through pull back. Quan narrow and deep, with a curved front, hitting yellow verni dark, on the face for a bedside lamp lower leg, with the shooting to have painted two young women in conical hats; a vase of fresh flowers; a stuffed rabbit and a glass plug purple written in charcoal. Behind, always looming long hair, black, shiny, just like romantic show just as shy, hiding.

Coffee Red, modern in appearance, actually there is nothing worth mentioning beyond the look scruffy, casual, homey feeling, intimacy and closeness; however, if you sit there long you will be, will recognize the unique features, very special and makes you addicted to love back. Hoi Trinh Cong Son music that has become a “fad”, an epidemic propagation everywhere, parked on everyone’s lips, remains in the heart of each person. Coffee Red has fully utilized, namely that only sing this type of music and the guests to shop – the shock slanted a little young, “dust” a little (do not dust, not intellectuals) – Coffee drinking has been drinking so weary in Khanh Ly singing. Not understood by the initiative of the mistress, wants to create a climate for art shop, an intellectual or by friendship and acquaintance with the author that in the long term Red Coffee has introduced and presented sell the new book published, mostly of two houses and Attitudes and Presentation of the author are considered engagement, progress. Then there are the Time, Newsweek for you are thirsty foreign journalists. Consistent with her three home, three sisters; Most adults over twenty and the youngest fifteen, sixteen something. To be honest, all three of you are generic, not likely tendency into what country, but they all have characteristics very easy to make hearts flutter: All three have very long hair, beautiful hands and taciturn , few laughs, but her sister. In the 1980s, the Red Coffee is no longer, I have often stopped for a long time, looking at the old place, and wonder: Who has time to sit here dreaming and hope now where are they? As her sister Hong: the lady softly, the slender ivory hand, the flexible “migratory birds” means any obscure hour?
Van Hanh University opened late but right from the first year it had inherited huge advantages in psychology, along with the names helped Van Hanh University is seen both as an institution Academic credibility, just as a set of components for young consciousness and commitment. However, it seems the spirit of Van Hanh University is located in a coffee shop: New shop in Sunny Slope bridge, looking slanted towards market Truong Minh Giang. New faculties have many advantages to become the land of the people of Van Hanh, first because of its proximity, followed by the beautiful scenery, musical selections and finally, perhaps the most important is the looming shadow of the roses , seemingly flowing, it seems words. The young poet growing group and are accounted regular poetry column in the newspaper many Saigon sit from morning to night to co … poetry. But more than the warm, above all, the group of two people, one with long hair, short hair waiting on a class, after school and wait for another wait. New Sunny Van Hanh has lived with until the last day. New sun no longer. The old people scattered all directions.

There’s a more intimate café can not fail to mention: My restaurant near the top Chi Nguyen Phi Khanh, old housing design, very quiet and very cute, located behind the theater Casino Dakao. There are very small roads, the houses green mossy roofs, rows of confetti covered sidewalks, quiet lonely and isolated her too but im open to be able to hear people on the left say , find people right laugh and feel as possible to reach out to people caught directly across the street. Ms. Quan Chi ripeness ten square meters, just enough space to put three or four small tables. There was no music, no decoration exhibited nothing but a single painting hanging on the wall, black and white picture, magazine-sized format, may be cut from a French newspaper. Pics taken to see a hand holster an adorable baby boy, shoulder strap backpacks, sulkily a baby’s mouth, eyes widened, but tears are flowing along the cheeks, small bottom with the words: “Yesterday I went to school and where “. Guests arriving with her Chi is not considered a sign that in, nor hear the ad, but entirely by word of mouth for several friends to come, many times to familiar, from familiar incarnation and attached back. Ms. Chi has sold coffee but her great afternoon tea; romantic lotus teas, green water, sour but sweet and fragrant happy nose tingle. Tea elaborately concocted in the warm chicken liver the petite, petite. Warm yellow soil, rounded body, smooth, slender trunk and straps, balance. Each suite comes with warm cups of the same color, size of the thumb of a shark, just enough for a small water box. Kettle has three types, called names pretend “tea” too: toxic wet, but moist and wet pants, but back then we used to “play Nom” style “pure Vietnamese” to warm a warm, double and big warm. Tea drink with green bean cake – her special cakes Chi- small, golden color and smell fragrant. A sip of tea, quietly a little bread, tomato Statistics enough about heaven on earth, it looks swell looks relaxed and ethereal bar very high. Ms. Quan Chi is now more or less deformed, but nonetheless would like to thank you and would like to represent the siblings had been sitting in her tribute to her memory and to those unforgettable days old.

The years of the late 60s Saigon has opened many new cafes, and often more elaborately decorated, with superior sound system than most bars and always choose a name very beautiful, mostly based on the name of the famous song: Coffee Ha Trang, Le Rock, Diem Xua Huong Xua Hoang Thi, Sea Me, Feel Huai, Yellow … However, in a small way – Looks like the Dao Duy Tu – near the stadium Unified now, there’s a coffee shop not follow this pattern, it brings a strange name: Quan Da La. Da La Dalat, customs of her sisters Politics Business students, perhaps just retired from Cam Ly waterfall, Than Tho to Saigon final year at Xuan Thu Bookstore or something, opened. Business School is well-trained work out good students of business: Private student girls genuinely open bar is not officially announce anywhere; however, any such open face hinted that good, it is magnified, spread, creating a strong impression and bars are waiting for a special honor, the special tingle. The owners make her bloody art, tried to bring the scent of jungle Dalat to Saigon: The sausage spreads, but painted basket female bearer, the archery shop soldier gave a funny look, cute; then the pedestal seat, the cutting boards are cut from the original table trees laden tumors, appear to mountain forests, ancient helped Da La nuances very … Da La. On opening, Da La prepare a cultural program very juicy, with songs “sore” of Le Uyen Phuong, Nguyen Trung Cang, Le Huu Ha … Da La crowded, witness the blossoming and much love fading. But being an old hotel away gradually the closing time and I do not remember
Han Coffee in Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao Upscale shop, are mostly middle class and the majority of middle-class sectors, intellectuals. Tables and chairs here are high, giving guests a straight posture, strictly and always have preset table magazines Francophone latest release number. The story is important in Han make very, very big; look at the way people dress; look what it could seem right but what is known; perhaps, current events, economic finance, literature, philosophy are both here. One such place is unfamiliar with coffee pagan population. But Linda is a very lovely, memorable for many people, despite the counter was an old man sitting with glasses like out of a story by Russian writer Anton Chekov. Later, faced with more cafe Han Duyen Anh Ha of her two sisters, she Thanh; prettier than her sister and sister are many tree planting si guy. Two coffee shops, a stately elegance, a lively youth, has become a meeting place, a destination to which when it comes to make multiple siblings in the Literature Department, School of Pharmacy, School of Agriculture and Forestry Livestock right corner Red Cross – Cuong remember, and remember cakes at home on West Lake inside the church fair Dakao Phan, remember Meal “waggle” in a small alley Nguyen Binh Khiem Street that female students to go up wooden attic turned trembling when he invited some rice.

You do want to meet writers poets, want to see them sucking pipe, bespectacled talk literature are invited to The Temple bar, you do want to have a youthful atmosphere warm and inviting to Wind Tunnel; you do want to have privately confided it according to Nguyen Van Hoc run plucking up Vap, Huong Xua into the restaurant, there have beautiful gardens, the beautiful mistress and the way people treat each other very well pretty. Also do not forget to mention reflection, alley Cao Thang. Then coffee also tamarind Nguyen Du, also the Beatles, Elvis Presley also as one; and both tinged Adamo charm. Rates here are very affordable, but often witnessed over the attempt phase between two vocational school students Cao Thang and Nguyen Truong.

Coffee bored then go eat clams, beef beer, eat ice cream on Nguyen Tri Phuong, Minh Mang corner or side of the Tan Dinh. Bankruptcy has long had Pasteur-corner of Le Loi, but only for the money you have. Vibrate little tutoring Last month trend Mai Huong (now the Bach Dang Le Loi). Quan Mu U, alley Vo Tanh, shelter wounded soldiers occupied land near Bay Hien crossroads for those you want vague. Want to enjoy a thatched hut invite to coffee based Nguyen Trung Ngan wall near Tight lines, road Cuong. Then Lu Porridge cafe at Thi Nghe market of a hand painter Italian Place name. More advanced La Pagode (Huong Lan changed before dissolution), Brodard, Givral. Like watching old French films, American films … the day before and sat in the theater please Vinh Loi on Le Loi to shoulder with the gay crowd. In Saigon Casino can always alley next to dine very tasty at a desk I forget name. But where are the Rex cinema largest selection of students, whether rich or poor. SV Life goes by so that the pace of life in Saigon. Poor but happy and dreamy. Special operating Tong, eyes Shanxi people living with two of these. Cannons ru Thu night abreast with gold. Illusion and reality interwoven. Sometimes the added little Crimes Penalties, Zara said so! Che Guervara, Garcia Lorca. Everything I mentioned is a bit of the old days, a little old scene, a breath and rhythm section of Saigon in memory. I give you, give you, give you, especially those who gave all in exile with shock at suddenly noticed, seemed half his heart was still hovering in the Red coffee, Thu Huong, or where that at home.

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