Coffee at Saigon – It’s not just a business

Saigon is seem to be a business man from early morning, the busy person on the street car. But it’s lovely for me.

What is hustle? Hustle that has become characteristic of the rhythm of life here. But not so that people Saigon lose the habit is ingrained in the flesh and blood: Drinking morning coffee.
The Saigon drinking coffee early in the morning, students drink coffee before heading to the auditorium, official drink before heading to the office, a cyclo men, a motorbike pay for coffee before starting work everyday … Café Saigon for everyone.

Saigon away the memory. Each person may have missed some of their own sun but perhaps remember Saigon café has become common nostalgia of many expatriates.

The Saigon café enjoying their own way. What the hustle of life, the burden and worries seem to emboss them relaxed moments inside cup of coffee, sip just chatting about life, about people. Sip coffee rather drink some steam for all, people drink coffee morning Saigon meant chat, talk and laugh. It is different than the rush of the coffee cup Take away Western style, office coffee … The coffee cup in the morning, people live slow Saigon, closer together in an endless life stories. People seem to forget age, his position as front is a glass coffee scent exudes charm. That really is philosophy, and the tangible appeal of coffee.
Coffee is not just a beverage but sometimes an excuse for people to be disengaged, to win for yourself, your friends and relatives about time confidant.

Saigon no shortage of luxury cafes, but it comes to the features, what makes people enjoy the most severe heart missed again is simply sunk, are consistent toad sidewalk. No fussy furniture, no romantic music, no air conditioning air conditioning, not even the gracious hostess who is often seen as just a few plastic chairs just do seat just as a coffee table Statistics even sidewalk, or more specifically the pedestal coffee is becoming the new coffee tastes very crowded Saigon residents. It’s a very wide range of pedestal Han Thuyen Street, park April 30, is the teahouses around Lake turtle, dot the tree-lined road. So actually Café alley, pedestal, with delicious coffee better? Why Saigon still love so much? The answer is sometimes not so much by what is ngon- delicious taste that taste of morning birds chirping, sunny taste of Saigon, the fragrance, the fresh wind, the stream of people watching hobby Car crowded into the streets or the kids frolic front of the school, each couple romantic wedding photograph inside the Notre Dame. All made in the particular culture of people enjoy Saigon café.
Saigon people like to drink coffee from early morning ice, no matter the season. Unlike Starbucks Coffee style of America, or the style of the Italian Milan. Or strange is poured sugar, coffee in the common module as Turkish style. Coffee in Vietnam in general and in particular Saigon mostly French style challenge, ie the filter used. Enjoy every drop of suspense and Coffee falls little separation, the special interests of the people “addicted” Coffee.

When the last bitter drops on filter stops flowing, it is time we are about to have the right to enjoy a great cup of coffee. A little sugar, a tiny spoon as children’s toys on hand, we stir lightly, softly. And when the toast Coffee lips, a fragrance ecstasy tinged his throne, the day immediately spread in the nasal cavity, plus bitter sweet lips, I felt the taste of coffee is melted in the mouth, waterproof deep into the hearts and minds. From time to time small sips to repeat this wonderful feeling! It was the moments of happiness …
Drinking coffee alley, café affordable sunk in Saigon I know very simple names of coffee: black ice, iced mocha not trying to be, cappuccino …

Early in the Saigon Café, a little deeper, then as is philosophy: have enough bitterness to help us envisage that sufficient concentrations to create a sense of floating, with enough acidity to think about failure, have enough soil salinity to remember about his mother, and sweet enough to feel unloved …

But the people of Saigon, it’s easy to find a space to live slowed down a few beats before the race chen hustle of life, to restore the balance and start a new day much more exciting, to see enough calm her feel all the people, living in the bustling Saigon.

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