Incredible story in a vegetarian restaurant in Saigon

Some old scrap seller who living year round thanks to the old stuff … but they are willing to voluntarily contribute extra pounds of rice, vegetables … Caring tangle early at noon.

Touched sheet 5 thousand of elderly woman sells scrap

One December afternoon, we visit the Thien Phuoc vegetarian rice shop on Nguyen Chi Thanh (Ward 6, District 11), which sells vegetarian meal at just 5,000 contracts for the working poor.

Next we had the bartender Tran Phuoc Hoa (38) casual in jeans, T-shirts at the café opposite. He sat here just to shop courted guests relax and watch today with someone not absent. Then he sighed: “We’re not selling scrap saw her anywhere.”
He explained that the 82-year old woman was selling bottles many times to shop Thien Phuoc to eat vegetarian. The old lady still wandered the alleyways of Saigon living, he felt sorry Hoa heart and decided not to take money rice.

Instead of joy, she poked his arm brass instruments 5,000 smoothness and said: “She was healthy, every day has earned out of the contract. You give her the money contributed to poorer people. ” Anh Hoa certain birds.

Since then, nearly two weeks also, the lady mad at him, do not look consistent meal, not even passing by this road again. “This makes me miserable and incredibly sad to have extra heart lady,” he said ruefully Hoa.
Being unfinished story, a man A small man, dark skin black, one hand holding up the lottery, pushed a paralyzed boy lying on the car trip to the rice shop. Just seeing the owner, he just smiled running back carrying sacks of rice weighs about 50kg brought into the restaurant and the Styrofoam box filled with rice. Anh Hoa immediately startled: “Oh my God. Morning hours he did not sell a lot of rice and bring spending so here the data? “.

“Was that 50,000 notes. Let me help with some servers in less rice to gatecrash the same people. Upcoming New Year and that “this man said.

According to the owner, this man named Nguyen Van Hoa, 40, is a regular at the restaurant. Every day, he sells lottery tickets along with children paralyzed. Many traders put the money contributed to the calves, but he denies it.

This man said: “I can still feed their workers and children can not get other people’s money for. Only when I no longer keep new workers receive help from other people. “

Vegetarian Restaurant humanity

According to Hoa, the owner, this is not the first time getting consistent help from the poor also. A 88 year old woman selling bananas regularly to certain customary dinner but refuses to eat for free. A street vendor she occasionally had bars put tangle vegetables, soy sauce bottles …
“The same gift for many people not worth taking but for the poor, is a large sum. But they always share. I respect them immensely, “he says Hoa emotion.

Seeing this scene, I could not strange and wonder why this eatery won the hearts of so many people came. I thought “Vegetarian 5000” is too simple for what you pay. But it turned out to be not so.

To get nearly 300 rice productivity per day, a group of more than 6 volunteers and 2 main kitchen, people have to get up early. Specifically, grocery shop owner manually select each bundle of vegetables for processing some vegetarian dishes.
After 2 hours of preparation, rice and cooked foods are divided into interest on the plastic tray placed neatly on the shelves iron looks very clean, delicious. Games start 10am the crowded bar and all meals will reach 12 noon.

Volunteers struggling to cleanup, arrange furniture, sanitary shop.

But hard work, hard work, enthusiasm everyone, not mind putting in a little thing. Today when the shop has courted guests that leftover food, people will sit down to eat, and do nothing else today, who was home for lunch.

According to student volunteering at the restaurant, almost every day, they ran out of rice nor lunches. Although the new shop opened on March 9/2013 but to date has become an indispensable place of the working poor. There is an open bar characterized waste barns near Lo Sieu, District 11 should always busy everyday people were collecting scrap through a familiar back then without noticing.

Ms. Pham Thi Kim, 62, a native of Quang Ngai said eating at the restaurant, the first day to open the rice shop, she thought that was too expensive. However, by day 2, the sign “Vegetarian VND5,000” meets the eye causing her to try and eat eat strokes until now.

She said: “Com here cheap and tasty, has no stomach. Days before eating rubbish, sometimes bread, noodles, rice 10 thousand but when go on a flower hunger penetrating eyes again. “

Anh Hoa said: “I am not rich but also want to make a small contribution to the lives of impoverished laborers toil less strenuous. Initially I also met a lot of difficulties and gradually accumulate on friends, relatives and supporters add. Well thankfully, now has the support of volunteers should also harder. Looking ahead, I will open freezer for meals more decent people. “

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