Learning about the new year’s day on the Chinese descent in Saigon

The Chinese are everywhere in the country of Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City. Over many generations, they still retain the traditional culture very own. In addition to contributing significantly to the overall development of the city, the cultural value of the Chinese community has made the cultural treasure of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general more varied, plentiful .

Referring to United’s fellow mention covered in festivals and festivals year that are based on the lunar calendar (full moon, new moon …). Most of the holidays, Congress, the occasion offered traditional customary glass States were also other ethnic groups in our country engaged very ebullient. Saigon compatriots States may also coincide with the Lunar New Year of the nation. The day before New Year Entering December, the US chose a good day to sweep clean the house, do Thanksgiving spirit. That ceremony weightlifting meet God, Buddha, Mr. She gave the family a year of peace. Cung finished, people bring offerings divided by relatives, acquaintances, called little fragrant gift draft. This home brings offerings to the house. Until that house offerings will bring back this house. This is also a way to make more close friendship. Then bring him apples ceremony. Unlike Apple Vietnamese people worship him on the evening of 23 December, the Chinese often Kitchen God off the next morning, on 24 December. Apples offerings he usually sweet dishes such as soups and tangerines follow. In Chinese, “tangerine” rhymes with “sand” (auspicious = lucky). One hopes he will Wudi Apples good words, to bring good luck to the family. On thirty Tet Indoor often paste couplets Chinese scrolls. 30th Festival, we replace new jars couplets, red paper with golden letters, the contents are often good messages like peace Import, Kim pearl sugar complacent, contemporary New spring sand … With the family business trafficking at home and contents couplets least four thousand jars usually beneficial, Opening pink play, Student reviews renaissance dragon … In addition, we also put the word “Spring” and “Blessed” on the door backwards, the words ” backwards “in Chinese pronounced” unique “meaning spring comes, Phuc.

Afternoon 30 Tet, children get a bath, changed into new clothes red – the color of luck with the concept of the US – and then go Tet grandparents, parents and get lucky money. Eve is also a family reunion. Eve, family members gather together to eat a hearty meal unionists. Everybody’s Eve at 12 pm. The Vietnamese have fruit tray “bridge, fig, coconut, enough, mango”, the Chinese people have tangerines, dumplings, cakes Group. Chinese dumpling is called “Play how” The cake is “High School Year” … All in all meaning is the wish for the new year, homeowners are lucky, fortune, new year better than last year … As dish rice cake tet from Vietnam, the bread and cakes are two dishes radish almost indispensable in the Chinese Lunar New Year Chaozhou origin living in Vietnam. The cake is made of jelly cake glutinous flour mixed with cooked sugar diluted, then poured into molds steamed circle. Turnip cake was salty cakes, cookies made of white radish and some other ingredients like rice flour, dried shrimp, bacon, black mushroom and leek. The amount of white radish many double the amount of rice flour. The countdown Cantonese offerings also include pork, live green salad. These names when read to often have good sense. Pork read “School”, rhymes with “Europe” – is that “European dragon aqua enter” full house treasures. Lettuce Cantonese reads “Play soi”, rhymes with “Play talent” …

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is considered a day of worship gods and ancestors invited to spend the holidays. Many US meat diet, saying it will bring life longevity, happiness. New Year’s Day morning is the time when families also concentrated enough to welcome the new year, seniors in the envelopes will play “lucky” lucky descendants and guests are young men and women, children up to Tet Date nail. Mosquito nets Two New Year’s Day Festival, the son-in-law to visit and celebrate women age music, music samples. The most common saying that people in the same family and Tet Tet guests to play during Tet as “Supply Hy fortune” and homeowners often entertain with tea party.

The second day

The key activities of the day 2nd Year of mostly customary “concepts”: in the early morning of this day, the lady of the household will begin to prepare the meal begins the new year with more standard dishes good sense, such as chicken, fish, bread radish, lettuce, …

The Third day

Legend Mosquito 3 day Festival “Red Export” (argue, quarrel), so this day will not go often to visit friends but mostly just in the primary ancestor worshiping. This date is also the day wedding celebration mouse so people will usually go to bed early in order to avoid disturbing the rat !!! And also the custom of spreading grain, bread, salt in the corners to invite rats, implied in the new year will be good harvests. However this is only customary colors of ancient superstition, today people no longer pay attention to it anymore but still the 3rd Festival beautiful day to enjoy the spring, to visit friends.

The Fourth Day

4th New Year’s Day reception gods on earth, according to legend, all gods from 24 December are about heavenly Creator adoration, to Mùng 4 starters return to earth. So on this day, Chinese families often prepare floral, fruit cake to welcome the gods for protection for his family.

The 5th Day is “Breaking ranks,” “On mammon” is the name of the 5th day. Called “breaking ranks” because this is the day can “break” away the taboo of the New Year, people are free living, playing without worrying about violating prohibitions on New Year’s Day again. 5th Festival also welcome the “God of Fortune”, according to folklore, today is the day to welcome the “Five leaks god” (ie 5 mammon of direction), it is believed that the God of Fortune is picked in The new year will be prosperous and profitable.

The 6th day is th festival which considered the day off, “Shen Poor”, this is an ancient tradition, today was no longer in vogue again; this is also the official day ended a sequence of New Year fun days, today is the day started housecleaning in preparation for the first working day of the new year; and today was the day the shops, stores started opening trade for a new year. According to legend, the 6th is also the birthday of HORSE, symbolizing the “Code Đáo Success”, this is one of the reasons why many people choose to open trade.

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