Lotus Seed in Saigon

According to my experience, fresh Lotus seeds bought in Binh Trieu market at Thu Duc district which currently has 2 types: Dong Thap Lotus seed (12,000 VND/100g) and Hue Lotus seed (15,000 VND/100g).

I have to say that Dong Thap Lotus seed  is not delicious. It’s very hard seed though how long have you cooked, it is also still hard and. So if you have to buy, do not regret spending 3,000 VND disparity, let’s buy Hue Lotus seed . But as Lotus seed Hue not kind of tasty, but anyway, also more delicious Lotus seed Dong Thap. Because when cooked through, don’t spend a lot of time, softer Hue, although Lotus seeds also flipped the hard seeds, I’m too embarrassed.

Once You’ve eaten Lotus seeds or tea porridge Lotus seeds many times, at home-Binh Dinh. Feel the Pacifying Lotus seeds. Nuts to that, sure, promised myself, cook out smooth, delicious.


Lotus seeds are quite nutritious food and safe. It helps skin, sedative, for people who are ill, or insomnia, weak women …
Lotus seed tea is easy-to-cook dishes immensely. Can cooked with sugar, or to more than sugar. Buy in the market as long as 2 lang Lotus seed is cooked out enough tea pot four, five people eat. Just for fresh Lotus seeds were washed into the pot of boiling water, Cook the couple strolling for the soft sand on the line, wait for a few more exciting then stroll off the kitchen.

Wait for cold food with ice cold, or to cool the refrigerator compartment to eat slowly.

Pot of porridge cooked with chicken hearts that some Lotus seeds, green beans into the sweet delicious, nutritious adds so much …

In Saigon, each time seeing you, the children, the sister, the girl, the doctor carried bouquets of fresh shower by peddling bicycles, they look natural, please see the strange serenity. Affordable is because the spirit of the flower “foul fishy smell like mud near the mud” was doing affect our soul?

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