Mother’s Moon cake

People call my family are citizens sidelines city – between urban living that whole smelling canals stormed up the water line by line. My father would leave a different woman leaving mother with two boys are old food, big between what this immense city. I was 15, my brother 10 years old. Amount home mother sells farm house just enough to not tear riverside papers that I tied his boyhood several days in there.

From day three to go, she was not home anymore, she would like to work but do not receive it because my mother beat the old, new sales have a noodle shop in Cholon for rent 25 thousand cheek dishwasher / session. A mother’s arms two children to school so people, every time I look back really long way. Knowing where so sad cheek dared do, only plug to study.
Yet one day, brother tui ran sobbing – a lunar noon August. Black clothes it unnecessarily, the school bag tearing off both straps teng accomplice, on two, three bruises as both struggled frantically. That I should be angry talk, it recently cowardly said nothing. Cheeks tui still patiently asked to, it burst into my heart sobbed cheek, speak not loud. “They brought the moon cake to show off to each other, I am a little bit this year because there is no food cake where that they did not even make fun of her son for washing dishes. It says up to my mom with us immediately should fight it. “My mother froze, eyes cheeks as collecting all the sorrows of my brother on lap. Cheek hugged it for a while and then go back home. It was the first time I saw the cheek pull lap wiping her tears, she cried to shivering people – helpless tears for a family. On three go far, mother never cried, I thought long dry cheeks tears

Bang goes a week later, almost to the day moon and brother I also forgot about the cake, the mother gives us surprises. Two loaves pig’s tiny green beans in a brown paper bag full made me happy all day two. My brother jumped up happily, it peering pig cake with brown skin and shiny eyes and laughed. It ran off around the neighborhood breeze, its smile lit up a dark channel segment. It also said I do not eat for 15 lunar break neck. Seeing brother gleefully seeking two soda cans to make lanterns moon are naturally found much closer.

Looking the ball it just trotted out the door with a tiny moon cake in hand, I turned to look under the shape of the cheeks which pleased xiêu bureaucratic tangle too. Cheeks much older. Apparently, today cheek tired into bed early. I bar on cheek hug joking as usual, nor joking cheek again. On hand of cheek that I was startled. I asked about the arm pads with white bandages and swelling because needles. Cheeks looked at me, said with broken voice … now see the boy’s cheek ham pie too so go sell blood for no salary. Cheeks silent for a moment. In my heart rose a vague so hard to describe, I’m scared, scared someday be exhausted mother, tears in her eyes hot from rolling down her cheeks so. Both youth my mother did all the things such as the two of us. I just hugged and cried cheeks, eyes, cheeks were red, my cheeks look like MEU laugh – laugh because your kids understand life story but cry because destiny star bac … Outside boy still gurgles breeze pig cake though stiff but it must be the most delicious mooncakes life.

Now, the more I live well enough, I also became a 25 year old boy had to work a few years, I’ve just finished my year at home 2. Cheeks grocer, every mention of the cake five yet, cheek to laugh. The purchase of bread for each season cheek moon was no longer out of reach, but now can not eat anymore cheek. Cheeks just look bread I bought, rubbing his head at me smiling and said, “Come on children, the elderly high blood pressure, diabetes, son sweets not” – Natural see melancholy, life has never been eaten cheeks full a cake integrity.

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