Visit the street of rummage sale in Saigon

Whether on canvas sold or shop sketchy but really, those old items (or peanut saucepan) is always an attractive market Saigon population. They buy items saucepan optimistic not because cheap (more money million) but sometimes just to put the addictive old map.
4pm, after a look around a few stalls sweating Electric grills in Nhat Tao Market (Q.11), Luu Van Chinh purchased a cassette, two phone batteries. Across a stall, he took extra pair of clock instead grandson. He laughed blowing lah: “Out of this mess than 200,000. Yet, I did the following week once or twice, to go for fun, buy a few gifts also exciting! “.

Peanut colorful watercress

He said although the market or had it but never went out of the stalls. Nhat Tao Road mainly sell Acoustic speakers, TV, DVD, home appliances repair doubles. Then the road Permanently sold Bronze, local WiFi transceiver, wall clock …

Under sweltering heat roof, buyers and sellers have neighbors from fire, pay the price. Mr. White (57, sell speakers and DVD) said that since he started selling more than a dozen years ago, the area was bustling then. His row from 2 million price upward depending on type. “Occasions reach the festival, last week sold much because people go and see it every much. New products have 5-6 times the price should they choose the old map is understandable “- Mr. White said.

Page stall the knee height, Ms Lien (34) sold the battery, charger and phone shell. A student of University of Technology are a few choices to determine the phone said: “I studied electronics – telecommunications should or the purchase of tinkering here. Pin VND10,000 / Director, determine VND30,000 phone, better service for learning “.

How’s stall near her Union is set next 4-5 glass stand together only one item: the remote control television, air conditioning. Prices of these items from 20000-50000 copper, have a place to hang pendant look cheerful.

“Take a look, cheap clothes here!”, Together with the language offered the scenes look authentic … Map bargain bazaar flea market at Hoang Hoa Tham (Tan Binh). Only 50m long road, a dozen long clothing, shoes or hang hooks heaps kind enough to attract young and old. Chinese stall owners said the source of the name primarily inventories, old furniture from Thailand, Cambodia or domestic company.

“It was the most crowded I Wednesday and Saturday for two days of goods, buyers sometimes have to grab new customers. Over a week, the old map will discount gradually until just 5,000 dong / item “- Trung said. Dig excitedly look tangle junk in plastic crates and Ms shared: “The crowds, the whole selling lottery tickets, hired should buy it even cheaper. There is something nice to look too heavenly! “.

Visitors to this area sometimes buy a party dress, vest tens of thousands of contract prices.

Dan Sinh Souk (District 1), which sells metal and electrical goods have quietly than with the adjacent stalls in the cage. Visitors to this area may be only looking to buy a couple of screws, pliers repair vehicles, small fire extinguisher or water pipe prices by 30-50% new products. Not only in the market, the Ky Con, Yersin the second hand stores also contributed.

There are five owner joked that this product bought also some “bad luck” than using old maps is to accept the risk. Souk Tan Thanh, Tan Hung, Ha Ton Quyen (District 5) is famous for motorcycle parts and unconventional of all cars and all kinds of parts: mirror, tire, brake, band, orchestra shirt…
Curbs and … online

Just a tarp until 4m2 with little capital are able to master a counter located saucepan. Clips Nguyen Kiem (Phu Nhuan) after 12pm is when people start communication saucepan “mần eat”. Contrary to the canvas, display of old phones, jewelry, massage (for) and a bicycle pump, they sit to 9-10g night. Sometimes they “hit the dark” when buy or sell something at a bargain item.

Anh Vinh, a salesman, boasted: “Last week I bought the phone Samsung VND300,000, repaired, refurbished monitors, sold 1 million”. Presentation “property” broad front about two mats college, Huong matter when he bought the tablet, “cool touch for the cell,” but this is a little difficult to sell goods for less trusted buyer of quality.

Go near the end Nguyen Kiem, people are startled by a bunch of merchandise from a store located saucepan tumbled pile going great. Tangle “installation art” include bicycles, furniture, mechanical goods, toys, household items … looks messy but when someone asked to buy wood chairs, shopkeepers stood vaguely “the mountain” and guest pulled the base 2-3.

Next door, her salon Three somewhat more modest but well diversified commodities equally. “I sell here 15 years. In time for rush hour, many people ask the price and then looks into buying should always standing by the side of the road I used to have it brought instant customer “- she said cheerfully Three.

On the Internet there are also some “store” junk. Anh Nguyen Yuan Ming (32) set up a website in 2012 that sells furniture and old appliances. “I see many companies resell furniture should think of how to sell online, post photos accompanying each item purchased, the price for one contact,” – he said.

Apart sources liquidation of companies, he also opened a shop Ming in Go Vap. In terms of profitability, he said glancing between compensation through rapid sales and inventories each month also earned several dozen million.

Page by Cao Minh singer and brother founded in 2009, specializes in exchange deposit antiques, furniture, “toxic” strange. Recognizing the needs of the members on the network, from one year to every Sunday morning they open “fair scrap” their cafe right in Binh Thanh District.

The sewing machine, pipe, marine clocks, badges of France, pottery, stamps subsidy period … sold usually collectibles or memorabilia of stall holders.

Anh Ngoc Khanh Tra Vinh housing, fair involved because they want everyone to be aware of the strange wine, watches, glasses should not be afraid of the journey alone up here every week. Currently, the eastern markets as issuers that have to hit each other’s shoulders. There are many markets today also attract foreign guests.
Life changed from old maps

From a few scattered items and diligence be difficult, with people selling peanuts became saucepan roadside shop owner, as the case Phan Thi MA (78) at Hoang Hoa Tham market. Capital was hired for her cooking dress before liberation, often for cosmetic, jewelry, she saved and sold.

Sitting through a house porch near the market, the consolidation of rain, sunny out, over three years she spent less money rent open shop. She purchasing extra items that bring people close. The store grows. Currently, three out of ten children were her inheritance, a total family of five stores located saucepan!

“Go up from the pain, I and the children keep decorum merchandising, not shout prices. Getting old, but think about how much the job sticking year so I still sit sell “- she Pg slight accent. So every day we see a white-haired lady sitting arrangement of goods, check tangle newly purchased cosmetics. She as a witness of the job bored purchasing, selling to people who need it.

In the same corner of Dan Sinh market are stalls of Li Kim Bang (56) car repair kit sold with less than 2m stall width. 20 this year, thanks to the stalls he worries for his family. He said: “My son is a student at the University of Ton Duc Thang. Buy this but know they have little calculating interest, capital goods to which it was there, just that many similar stalls too should compete well data. “

But Tran Bien (26 years old), “fortune” only tangle wristwatch, cell phone and tiny presents on the canvas in Nguyen Kiem Street. He said each day earns about 200,000. Housing D.6 morning he usually walk around Nhat Tao Market purchases through this road before lunch sold to night. Ask him about the intention to open the store, he said laughing sage is saved. With that, he bowed look fresh batteries for a patron, smiles patiently wear for vehicles, dust flew through the front.

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