Temporary leave Saigon – Welcome the sunshine at Vung Tau

This is the first time I have the opportunity to visit the statue of Christ with outstretched hands in Vung Tau was in 2004. At that time, in my first year of student life, I was camping with some of friends at the Faculty of Tourism – Hotelsin in Ba Ria, Then get trucks to visit the statue of Christ of Vung Tau.

But I was feel of sick and tired by sitting on the car for a long time, Eventually I have throw up all in my stomach, should pity in the car that pulled together look people up the mountain.

Since then, I have not any time to Vung Tau, should the trial, did not know Vung Tau looks was, until his recent times, seen as the first to Vung Tau.

And because of the statue of Christ with outstretched hands were too famous, I also expect to Vung Tau, just to see the statue of Christ, such as fulfillment. So just to Vung Tau, his check is finished to ask directions and then drove to the statue of Christ immediately.

The following information was copied from Wikipedia alone, but before going, I do not read any information on the best destinations in Vung Tau:

Statue of Christ the King (or God statue with outstretched hands, the statue of Christ with outstretched hands) is a statue of Jesus was placed atop Small Mountain (Mount Tao Phung) of Vung Tau city (built since 1974). The statue has been established as “the largest statue of Jesus in Asia” in 2012.

The statue has a height of 32 meters, length of 18.4 meters two arms; Pedestal block carved with the Lord and 12 Apostles. Inside are statues spiral staircase consists of 133 steps, running from ancient statues on pedestals. Road to 1000 subjects with stairs, high 500 m. In the hearts of audience can accommodate 100 visitors at a time.


On tour free, sending the motorcycle VND4,000, groping her under the stone steps to the wall. I tell people long term office is “shockwave”, rarely exercise, should toil and rattling breath, repeatedly new base see the statue, gleefully celebrate.




And so tired too, insisted his convalescence, think journey alone just started, the road is long, so just go around the foot of statues, but not on the inside objects, climbing up to shoulder additional objects. View photos out there, see people taking pictures while standing on the shoulders statue, overlooking the landscape so vast, so beautiful. Have missed only, helplessness.

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