Saigon Phở (noodles) – A history of ups and downs

Pho is a specialty of the Northern in Vietnam. It is thought that It only appeared at Saigon in the years 1951-1952, at the same time with theater Dao Thi, a neighbor in the neighborhood Monceau and one at Datong.
The two things that are very unfamiliar with it early Saigon. Members earn one agency knows the drum has not been easy. So they lasted only a year or two and then go out of business, although they turned it into a sort of “inferior” near Lake (Hanoi) in the 30s or as “beer hug” of Saigon today . And noodles are also the same fate with it. People just like noodles, dumplings, dumplings poisoned water … Only a noodle soup called “pho Tuyec”, located on TURC (now Dong Khoi area) is hang on.

Had to wait until after 1954, new pho really make a leap from north to south. Pho beginning its expansion in the mid-50s to mid-60s there is an entire city block on two streets Pho Pasteur and Hien Vuong.

The gourmet restaurant Saigon Noodle countless childhood that much. But are they the most patronizing only four or five stores, including Tran Minh Pho in alley Casino. In the dead end it, not the rows ê Gift: noodle snail, snail noodle alley slopes … From the beginning, it was confronted with cuisine, the people very busy man. Pho Minh tasty damage was delicious. It does not look like candy pulling “one would want to eat two to eat, eat three to plead eat food four years”. One can only eat a bowl to give it back tomorrow fragrant food cravings and more! There is an addict his noodle, and addiction are always the story of Kim Dung swordplay. It was Mr. X, who owns a shoe shop on Le Thanh Ton. He ate pho just tracking the status of Zhao Ming – neutral, or of Enterprise Sales – Order Swimming around in the newspapers. And friendship between the shoe store with his boss noodle shop owner has more dearly on a poem by his noodle shop owner shoes. Called poetry for readers to hear pho … smelled of pho. However it can be done under construction road, and several words of naivete.
Saigon childhood was only a single shop in Vo Tanh, near Nga Sau, with dishes like ginger and noodles re-book re-book: shop software Y. re meat, chew crispy gau gau book, dotted with wholegrain soy sauce, the perfect shot cat. Then they rushed to to enjoy an exotic dish. And Y boom as kite shop. From substandard housing, he has refurbished the spacious and bought a different house to stay for comfort. Honor student … blood arts, he started socializing intimate with wing writers and journalists.

After the coup of Duong Van Minh, in the village reported phenomenon, “blooming”, everyone with money is a newspaper ownership. So he went out Y noodle shop owner reported. From re, nine, five, dandruff, cartilage, jump into the realm of words, he was totally crestfallen. So his newspaper can only be reached by road readers bottles. Of course it must die. And shortly after he died under it. Beautiful young widow successor “career” of his late husband. Store Y prosper again. The friends of his art pho Y still frequented the same, but their main purpose is … aim shopkeeper throne. After several years pursuing that went nowhere, one of them, that scenes of sex, they lend their names to a widow as standard clauses to challenge heaven, saying, “If anyone of being then I am committed marry “

“Lean, fat anymore do anything, I think nine and not remarried”

Sentence for choking smell of pho, but tough is the phrase “re-price”, it just means “remarried” to just mean “pho remarried.” As “white flapping white envelope” Her point Quynh update this puzzle. More than thirty years have passed, his sentence for now remains only one side.

Even Hanoi – noodle hometown – so far never had pho capon, whether Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, in the early 50’s, had a delicious chicken noodle restaurant famous around Hanoi success, to stand under the instrument Nguyen Tuan when the army took over the capital, had eaten a compliment that “excellent pho!”. The pizza named Chi. He returned to the city new, there is not enough money to hire premises, to make pho burden. Street named Tran little princess in the nose, with a one meter wide sidewalk, diners who stood, sat, drank the sauce collapse.
Capon Pho Saigon appeared in the 60s, at the Banana Garden market – but not great pho is classified, but also special cuisine condescension. Pho is a probably good: fragrant and capon meat soft as pullets, noodles in water with the taste of those picky eaters, but perhaps also a different: people eating and watching the look graceful love Overseas shopkeeper’s daughter, occasionally go out to go very, smiled at this man, nodded to each other, holding hands ‘cotton rua’ people and that, naturally as a small dress her.

That YV singer, a graceful voice of the tea room. During the day, she was dealing with the float, wing, thigh meat; night, immersed in colored lights. Then, without fanfare, her Gypsy extinction. People said that she was going west. Go West really rather Xining. Gradually crowded noodle shop and shortly after the take down.
This shop is located on Public Ly-way intersection Justice – Yen Do (now the intersection Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Ly Chinh Thang) 100m – in a wide alley. It called Pho Ba Rooster. It has characteristics unlike any yet noodle soup: no vegetables, no price and very clean, and does not have the smell of pho chronic. Sliced ​​meat and noodles to the suit the tastes of the people of Hanoi. So deep in the alley, so at first guest to eat a sprinkling of willow silk curtain dropped, only five to seven rainbow. Then, thanks to the fans of Hanoi, people start not condescend to taste vegetables that price.

Hanoi, home of noodle, and the subsidy has produced so many things soup: duck noodle soup, pho ngan, metros (including even pho dog), so that no one any city that sells noodle soup, while Saigon was back with an entire city block pho. That is the Hien Vuong (Vo Thi Sau – Pasteur). Pho Hien Vuong which sells chicken, and Pasteur, beef noodle soup. But even chicken or beef, the noodle shop in this area does not have a shop – if talking about beef noodle soup – can be compared with Tau Bay Pho Ly Thai To, but if talking about chicken noodle soup, pho Bangkok they trail ( Vo Van Tan) and pho Post today.
The famous beef noodle shop of his time there in Pho Nguyen Thien Thuat Shipbuilding, pho noodle Rights and northern Phu Nhuan Huynh in contempt. After his death Shipbuilding, sons not qualified to succeed him released, went out of business in order to move on to other jobs. But former pho noodle North Huang Da Lat Railway Station was once known; After 75 you curious about Saigon, open noodle shop on Vo Tanh North Huynh Truong Tan Buu corner to corner diagonally to the south church. Just months later, the famous North Huynh as alcohol. Every day, from 6am visitors were nuop nuop grave tone pho to connect dragging drowning. And only up to 10 hours as bread, meat, noodle was shiny. Admittedly North Huynh is full cooking noodles. Fragrant clear water; Meat cooked aroma as Pâté, finely hand thick enough to sink my teeth into. Milk bucket white pieces as pieces of plaster smooth, fleshy medium to medium crispy aromatic solvent; Not a bit hoi. Especially not sell noodle shop full re BH. The new orthodoxy. Pho beef noodle soup but it is true that the re-turn.

Pho orthodoxy is that: how much meat is then much water. Out of the water is all meat, all meat is out of water. And best of all, not with the game down a few cans of broth box or throwing Department bouillon in water, add a little bit of MSG sauce, boiled up with undercooked sale. After cycling beard several times to place the deficit shrimp eat, he K. British officers negotiated with her master noodle like this: Every morning she kindly set aside every two bowls, take-away for me. I arrive in time to eat or not to eat is also racking my father. I just pay as ordinary garden. And yet, just over year, do not know the reason, this noodle shop car suddenly disappeared. It soon see North Huynh shop reemerged lake. Get up at five and then without fanfare. Today where he heard North Huynh and her beautiful daughter dreaming noodle shop opened two sides Calgary, Canada. I know you keep North Huynh name anymore.

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