Saigon – A sincerely mistress

Saigon, Let’s to love it such like my mistress, because she sacrificed her beauty and accepted herself as a potpourri so everyone can find their own homeland despite they are being in exile.

Yesterday, I read an article “Listening to people talk about Saigon Hanoi”. It does not touch the heart of anyone that if the writer does not latch post by a collusion makes people frown tutted: “Finally, the Saigon was referred to people living in Saigon, Saigon we root Nguyen Anh occupied land shall be chased away, the former Saigon, we live in Cali and Saigon Hanoi full hour. ”
I am a child born and raised in Saigon, integrity 20 years is not long but not short enough to feel the taste of Saigon through distinct characters and enough pride that his homeland. Although this urban place people tend to call it potpourri with everything our architecture, Western, Chinese. Even the dishes, any specialty in public areas are also present in the city.

Yet, in the eyes of Saigon daughter like me, found himself in his own country very patient and resigned. Saigon frequency algae beauty of the old woman, bringing the charm of a prostitute sandwiched between two hand cigarette smoke that made the night between yellow lights.
Why is that?

The day was young, three or drove me on Honda 67 across major streets of the city center. Three only those street vendors, street vendors loiter around pubs with three bags of crushed peanuts, eggs, quail, shrimp chips or those who run the motor with syrup ice bucket full of color beans Long lines around Saigon River. Three bought me a cotton candy tree of a central stem uncle, a native of Quang Tri. My dad also in Quang Tri. They talk about his hometown and then he said he remembered the countryside, while the children, wife, clad in the house. I am bewildered to think, remember, why not about the struggle here do nothing, but three told me that only in Saigon, we just could not go selling street vendors that make a living.
A rivalry between the heart center, a fried fish ball push car burst into crowded areas or pull beans candy line where pubs and sing love songs, only here, people can make a living simply by things that leave little capital. However, there are people who come here, and available livelihood Saigon mouth cursing did so stuffy, go to where people are stuck making face bathed in dust. Saigon Star as bran pig’s pot, enough hustle culture, food everything all regions long enough for the original lost, they did not recognize the Saigon anymore …

Yeah, but think that injured Saigon. Saigon as a doomed wife, her husband quietly worry about what to eat, what to wear. A wife Southern humor husband every other country bears the silhouette of her former lover in his hometown. So Saigon wife had furnished his home more food to keep him back. You can find chicken soup cooked with green beans hit several bulbs compression, can catch the smell of shrimp paste chicken noodle restaurant on the sidewalk, you can also enjoy tapioca pudding, dirt cake, pie hit the right flavor homeland. All the things you crave, Saigon wife can satisfy you, love, conceived and babble his way as a true lover. Yet people still decry Saigon stifling, kept off the roads as traffic, on the theater and all tickets, a city fussy, noisy and chaotic.

They do not know to a Saigon quiet and gentle, pure and subtle, how you have to pack hurry home to catch on Tet holiday with family. Leave a Saigon no dust, no traffic jams, no hour à á call each person, no street vendors, non-drinking crowd. Saigon when his wife was known as makeup for yourself after a strenuous year strive pittance story. She washed herself and return to the pristine beauty and contemplation as if to hold immigrants stay, stay with her for the countdown.

But those who came up here, I did not love this city but enough patience to enjoy its beauty. He just snapped and cursing because the roads crowded crossing, stagnant rivers and dark by the waste, the morning and loud honking sound fresh swearing by the collision, the sessions Spicy night alcohol levels in communities. BU inhaled into lungs choked by car exhaust odors and dust, he looked up to see only count how skyscrapers crashed hard in the eye.
But Saigon love the people here, without distinction of origin, native. Saigon accept forget myself to people flock to find somewhere familiar flavors of his homeland. Saigon accept yourself extra bit smelly because of dust and garbage, accept a little cramped by the vehicle and the line of people, to accept losing some of their fresh beauty to pick just taken, conceived ones should settle down to live.
Saigon no outrage that kept silently holds its own beauty in the corner of one long sit reading newspapers, drinking coffee every morning, still means the man hurriedly grabbed the car falling oil rub, shake off soil for they, are friendly and hospitable with a smile on her selling the country, he drove between the sun poured hug. I walk around Cholon a day to find out their hidden beauty of the city and show more love here with laughter always pop up as a common sense, natural as breathing of the old man, who sells water and children small.
Beautiful Saigon so that, please do not blame Saigon when it’s born and settled here rain. Just rude and disdainful like is like treachery husband knew his wife to have sex and waited provide decent meals served.

Make love as her mistress Saigon Saigon because sacrificed her beauty, accepted as potpourri so everyone can find his homeland despite being in exile.

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