“Old” Saigon’s gentlemen – Dashing in chaos period

Since colonial times, when Saigon belongs to the colony Cochinchine, Saigon people, especially the works for West quickly replaced the turban so busy tunic suits to suit the job. Then came the barber class according to Western officialdom, French colonial troops and for Vietnamese officials, as well as people doing business. Saigon Youth started a haircut while Central and North remained popular long hair tufts sheet and at least until the mid-1920s still Confucian influence from how to dress, speak. In early 1920s, quite crowded Saigon servants salaries or 4 copper June contract “was racing suits areas: Shirt” topcoat “neck stand, a large button with a pearly row combination in the middle, white hat, carry beautiful skin. The Career “he” – as commis, then wear due west from the West sent to sell for a high price, often as Bottin black shoes, turtleneck “(according to Nguyen Vy – country guy Tuan Vietnam, Episode 1 Author Self-published authors 1969).
1950, Saigon men generally know to pay attention to form elegant strokes have tried to maintain the influence of gender in colonial French officials with hair brushed to expose high forehead. Photo artists reflect that, in portraits of musicians stay Duong Thieu Stripping, singer Duy Khanh, Hoai Trung and two artists Hoai Bac Pham Dinh Chuong face with bright, intelligent as professors school.
From 1960 until 1975, Western movies, American became popular. “Handsome as Alain Delon!” Is the new idiom to assess handsome. And later when Nguyen Chanh Tin first appeared in the film Life is not makeup for several weeks, a handsome young man, the son of the rich folk revise the “Handsome as Nguyen Chanh Tin”. When Tran Quang acting with a mustache, who Saigon could not think of thinking of Clark Gable and Charles Bronson will see actors when filming Tam Phan.
Time before 1975, was at war, as well as the strong manufacturing, commodities, man is no longer cost him up, I am stealing through dark umbrellas theft of more that two worked for American teacher ENROBE Montagut glistening, driving his Vespa weekend or gold tooth flashed contractor laugh …

The trendy beauty

Review collected old photo, the face of the former Saigon, male artist is quite diverse. They originate from all regions should each person each looks: strong, virile and urge the post, or the mysterious light in, smirking or true … They have common traits like hair brush style is trendy, style tango , hair combed sideways swipe up and carried high parrots. Some male artist tém comb behind his head, who do not have natural hair, use gel molding presses for thoroughly. Whether everyday artist family eat sleep shop, at the inn, eat Assembly but still glowed on stage with looks pompous prestige brave.
As a kid, I liked fresh handsomeness of the trio Meteor. The brightest still the face of singer Thanh Phong. He is Chinese, fair, know-dressed, hair combed seven three. His smile was the writer Hu Chang’an called “laugh bridge financing” that his gaze and swept howling friendly
Hung Cuong is the brightest star on stage male reformed and Southern music. He has ideal height at that time. Remember as a child in a TV program, I see him interviewed very loudly: “I, Hung Cuong Tran Kim Cuong real name, seven meters high, weighs seventy sign!”. Following that, he should keep fit gym very good. But sometimes he dressed bribery, as Hu Chang’an: “In the 1960s, his idealistic representation under age new wave with leather jacket, his hair combed over his forehead GIE”. According to this writer, who is a journalist theater before 1975, Hung Cuong like wearing big gold necklaces, pendants large, wrist strap gold shaking, finger ring diamond encrusted ring. He is the universal beauty attracted the majority of Southerners.
A prominent music stars in Saigon was Che Linh, very ordinary people love to skin away moaning vocals. Looking at childhood photos, I found him quite handsome with thick hair, bright lips and beautiful eyes of the Cham people are always flexible. He usually covers the dark suit for your skin with water.
Many argue that long handsome among artists remain Tran Quang, Hung Cuong and Nguyen Chanh Tin. They have modern beauty, close to the West than not just because of tall stature but also in sharp acting, expressed through the squint, frown, look tilted, rolled his eyes … Besides the beauty strange, austere than that of the artist as Bao An, Thanh Tu Tam Phan, La Thoai Tan.
How many years have passed since the artist said in voice, acting on stage, screen. Most of them have gone or elderly. The remaining light is old, in photographs preserved. The light from half a century ago, hardly faded, the masculine beauty they represent, of a time in this city.

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