Snacks of my childhood

My words are sincere, not coquetry. But when the dishes unfold my childhood, I am sure that almost will taste and shook his head. That is like seeing one of my people loved dearly, but then regret “that does not meet the more information!”.
Thus, the childhood favorite dishes we eat not only by the tongue, by mouth, but with soul, emotion and of course by the demands of a growing body. Delicious cake for my mother gears when shopping for new, wrapped in red paper-thin layer of stain repellent oil spills from the crust. Delicious cup rice bowl with warm rice in a rainy evening, after a football game outside the lawn near the house. Then eat rice with fish, meat, eggs are delicious fried or three terms. Oh, the wonderful culinary sensation is gone now. Now, the questions linger in the head while sitting at the dinner table often is: it’s not too fat? There too salty? Having too much sugar? Does not aggravate stomach? … Then after order finished answering the questions, I began to eat with attitude clicked his tongue as confidence doses or for self-assessment of their concentrations. Well, are you tired up?

Remember as a child, in the neighborhood I have a family of elderly grandparents North. The couple, who are stout, live discreet and discerning. Grandparents serving as an unmarried older sister named Vinh, probably their grandchildren. Ms. Vinh joviality, or laugh, or say. Although very tired grandparents, we still love to play with her often touted by Vinh and sour star fruit tree that house. Actually, it is difficult to eat sour star fruit, have picked up are brought about, only some of her favorite sister, but the boys did not stop love. But O mai indenture (flood neighbor kid I know tomorrow is the last word she Vinh O) is delicious. This dish she made quite simple, inexpensive. Sour star fruit sliced ​​thin slices across the star, she is about to face a tray full of finished aluminum salt dough up and exposing the kitchen roof. Under the straw yellow Saigon sunny, exposed several times just well enough to warrant slices dark brown back, then dried curve. Time to turn the plate, she stood before the house, looked at the first two neighbors see any child standing nearby came bouncing back. We ran to see her buzzing peeled into segments conjoined contract, divide each of them a handful of hand how much longer she finished taking into glue. We’re buzzing about a handful of hand, no time to eat but the saliva was pouring root. O-scented apricot contract sunny, dry and curved bitter, salty but Sun just inside the mouth chew the feeling is sweet. So far, that feeling still lingered, and I have not seen the item Ô mai simple contract that again.
The years 16, 17, the country difficult, boys age as me eating big soccer ham should always appetite. Unlike rural youth, in Saigon childish or found money to eat. So I also took lunch on a bunch of bananas bomb. First banana strange childhood I never saw that only have old blue banana eating very fragrant, sweet banana porcelain tea cooked or grilled bananas are delicious, or areca banana yellow colored daisies, sweet, small fruit and specific aroma. Where bananas planted bombs in contempt hear Long Khanh, in the bomb crater should name such, eat sweet but not aromatic, cheap cheap. Now they disappear and what I see in small bananas are reappearing, where also. Every day I crack a bunch of bananas, playing soccer and eating more whole bunch of peanut candy, baked roll, the dish of the poor, then blueberries all year bowl of rice with shrimp sauce with pork which saw strange joy. Eat so high and still skinny and pupae.

Long time did not see the black early roots. These bulbs look like larvae of his mustache in the film West trendy area. Central to my wife who seldom eat to sipping one of it’s white. As for me, you bring up mouth bite, smell tubers out of early childhood, the smell of the vegetable you more you born under mud, water, dust and cool people, not too hard and sweet. Larvae eat tubers and roots miss contrition, also black shell, white workers. Cu trim out contrite presented on a plate, eat crunchy, sweet and fragrant own, somewhat like cassava (tubers beans) but stiffer, the better. Larvae eat roots and remember the jackfruit seed, seed durian. The small seed that day, children from poor families to spend often gave her, for mum cooked a dish enjoyed playing. Very dear sister remembering my small turning circle. Every afternoon for the mother finished eating a bowl of boiled jackfruit seed, let cool. It brings out a hidden corner, drunk peel each seed, dotted eat until the bowl clean. And I love to eat durian seeds boiled for more aromatic, fleshy and less flour so little drier.
In later years, my family no one wants to eat jackfruit seed, seed durian. After eating fruit, pour the seeds collected. Always look them abandoned in the trash, I feel knowing hour unfortunately have to retain their boiled edible nor how many. Occasionally see small dishes of his age and appearance popular in a certain country. In Guangzhou, the ones I saw lots of candy lake include sugar-coated fruit pinned to a bamboo stick that I’ve fallen head over heels from the bicycle of an old ship in the neighborhood often. In Shanghai the baked sweet potato. In Osaka is cotton candy dish lies in the large bag and ice syrup was discovered in a crowded fair anymore.
When tired with the rat race of life, want to return to the days when kids naive and pure, I came in front of a school gate and … stood beholding. There always have a protective uncle (former My obsession throughout the childhood years), a huge drum recess newspaper, in class and certainly have a whole team of hawkers before the school gate . Warts are the fruit peel soaked cotton trimmed shaped, pieces of mango shrimp sauce brushed green object, bag of cotton candy, candied tamarind pieces, boiled cassava with coconut and bean salt … If you have children, you will not let us buy but when I leave, they will squeeze each other, poked through the iron gate money, buy and sip to feel happy as her childhood.
Anyway that is also part of making our childhood, the snack …

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