Some of the original Chinese noodles in Saigon

Noodles fried duck, venison satay noodles, wonton noodles, char siu noodle … was the favorite of many diners Saigon.


Noodle with fried duck

Nursery yellow noodles, broccoli untouched eye hidden beneath the translucent broth with duck thigh terrible, greasy was the familiar shape of this dish.

Create seem so inevitably many customers feel short before enjoying. However, this minus point was recently overcome a series of consistent success.
Each has a different secret, so when you have to enjoy the new look closely might notice. However, it can be most clearly change spices in the broth or duck processing methods.

Venison satay noodles

The original name or well-known name of this dish is rice noodles for deer satay. S variations by some diners dislike stemmed rice noodles for that success.

Unlike prospective duck noodles, noodles deer satay was introduced only in some diner by the Chinese people and business ownership in the form of hereditary. There are many reasons to explain this, but the most obvious is the difficulty of decreasing the 15 spices in the broth. Besides, the handling of venison meat so moderate ripeness, sweet, soft and not easy. In return, a deer satay noodle soup delicious, bold always makes people could not use chopsticks.

Wonton noodles

Wonton Noodle familiar combination between nursery yellow noodles with pieces of soft chewy wonton shell, fresh sweet person. It is difficult to indicate the cause or origin of this combination, only a general answer is that this “brings satiety enough”, “less sick, tired”, “easy to eat”, ” two in one”…

Whatever the reason, no one can deny minute leisurely yellow rice noodles the nursery after enjoying the hot fields wonton pieces help the banking delicious dishes like longer.

Noodles char siu

The processing steps of the most sophisticated dish at barbecue pork processing. In addition to the selection of the cut of meat, marinated spiced just right, the cook must patiently wait a few hours or up to overnight.

The second line of char siu meat also equally gaudy alignment with fire, time for the meat reaches the soft fragrant, certain. In return the “strenuous leisurely”, the housewife can be assured had a quick breakfast, neatly enough, just mouth with all the members of the family the next morning.

As for those who come to the restaurant, a nice char siu noodle soup with noodles yellow, dark red meat, green vegetables are sufficient and appropriate for the day boring dish water or high-fat foods.

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