Talk about the Saigoner

Saigon, the name itself is enough cause to know how questions, and arguing about the origin, so that still doesn’t prevent how much people here making a living.

The Saigon, so of course brought the Africans, as the lyrics of origins of the Saigon for that trace the population of Saigon also just save the population of Northern origin; or as speculation that the Saigon is the … Khmer (there are slightly warm memories), is the native population (Italy is all live in the forest out-there goes slightly further away then), or too far further, then imagine that the Saigon Minh Huong lai is the Ship with the native population, about the origins of the Saigon then tui does not want to open a research thesis of this only, a few crude remarks that tui was observed and recorded below, about the Saigon which tui said.

1/The Saigon, on the anatomy of the face structure, different from the North. The Northern high nose deep eyes, forehead hóp, beginning as small as possible, ears pointed upwards, the upper jaw slightly jutted out, high neck slender shape, Middle not deep, narrow lines of Indian and low base paint. The South, in particular the low nose, eyes, forehead, head as possible up on the greater, rounded ears, short neck, crude humanoid Middle majority broad lines and paints, deep root (also called forehead antique for your easy to understand).

In geography, the Northern majority living in the Red River Delta region, and from the high mountain down settled in low terrain, so high they shape, long limbs, while the southern coastal living and long plains area, should be the low shape (to head of Vung Tau before sea wind) What are flat feet, hands (to country fans, as the oars).

As such, the appearance, the more beautiful the North South. Obviously, the appearance of a person in the South is more typical of a Northern farmer. Only by crude observation about the appearance, I can guess right about 30%-40% of a people who the South or the North.

2/On voice, the Saigon said Vietnamese stock, phonetic intonation and Chinese Cantonese, Chaozhou region (Cantonese), and a number of other peoples such as the Khmer, Cham, so clear the Sonic R, Tr, Ch, D, and always swallows recording; While the North says the new Vietnamese, and phonetic intonation in Chinese (Mandarin) (IE. they Saved-read Liu, wine-read rịu), and the encyclopedia of Muong ethnic, cat, so says unknown Sonic D (read as), Tr (read as Ch), R (read as Gi), and pronounce clearly the last sound.

About Northern phonetic not clearly question mark and Heavy accents, tilde and clearly not good, sometimes pronounced the same, but the tilde is very high, the sound often heard in the phrase is of Excellent marks, while the southern, the question mark and the tilde, and sounds often heard in the phrase is the question mark. This tentative explanation by geographical factors, because communications in mountainous areas, the use of higher frequency sounds will be more efficient, then the year of identity markers, Vietnamese has the highest frequency, and transmitting information in plain and coastal areas, the use of low frequency sound than will more effectively (whale in underwater acoustic communication by radio frequency a very low number, do not compare, illustration for you more understandable).

References will take a hundred pages, tui Mike Lam, please ignore them for tui service prove tui has just said, you are free to test, and then see what the order can talk with tui nghen.

As such, the language, the Northern pronunciation in higher frequency in General, and the full consonant than the southern, while the southern more articulation than vowels and enough.

The Saigon, bearing the characteristics of the language of the South, but was converted for disabled immigrants in the Mainland, should stab out lighter accent to coastal population, i.e. the question mark still more, but because there is no demand the infusion before the waves, so the sound amplitude has decreased a lot.

Speed said of the Northern more quickly, and a longer sentence than the South, because of weather conditions and the needs of the people of southern life said the sentence was too long, will be wind sea and wind swept Plains bay off the letter, should the southern said slowly, and the short distance the musical, saying high affective than the North likes to say fast long, short, and said higher musical.

By listening to someone talk, tui can also distinguish it is man or the North, and there must be an accurate or not Saigon about 30%, including the migration and you settled from the North to the South, because the invisible blade has a genetic factor (?).

Go to sleep, for so long as to have inspired written next. Fun is when I thought, then I think I’ll write it because compared to other guy you read above, so please excuse the crime of “thought that but not to say that”, hehe …

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