“Ladybug” Taxi in Saigon

Taxi began appearing in Saigon in the lately of 40s and 50s and vogue of the 20th century, then people familiar mouth Saigon still called the car “toad” or “ladybugs”.
Specifically Sharon (79 years old) an original population of Saigon “genuine”, said: “Until now I still remember the image of taxi toads are blue and yellow cream. The years 1960 – 1970 Saigon street flooded vehicles, on which only the new rich people use this medium, because the price is quite expensive. After liberation, the taxi is almost “extinct” no longer appears on the road again. ”
The taxi then quite small and sleek like toads. Uncle Hoa (65, in District 1), a taxi driver in 1970, said: “I drive a taxi at that time 21 years old, also in the last five months of the glorious cab toad. At that time, Bach Dang Wharf is a taxi parking lot, the taxi which is not equipped with radios, no PBX as now, should have to run around to welcome visitors.
Every night, we or parking near the theater reformed to welcome visitors. The cab of this period are mostly privately imported from France to Vietnam, then registered and allocated numbers. Large number of printed sides door, guests want to go out on the street waiting taxi driving by and waving to call, or to take the place of parking. Take a taxi at the time only charge kilometers, no charges pending as at present “, uncle Hoa told.
Taxi “toad” is most characteristic of the time the car named Renault 4CV, French mass production since 1947. This is the Renault 4CV bearing number Taxi – 1541, one of the few surviving taxi Back in Saigon and was restored after 30 years of “disappearance”.
According to a specialized mechanic restored old cars, after a time forgotten, now some old taxi being restored the status quo, to serve tourism and for those who want to rediscover nostalgic about Sai old Saigon.
In Saigon currently has several taxi toad restored the status quo and serve the lease photography, travel inland HCMC. Rents These cars are more expensive than rent modern new drivers, about 2-3 million for 3 hours shooting

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