What should we eat on a rainy day at Saigon

Many people say, Saigon as a girl of twenty or sulking, suddenly sunny, and then immediately re-pouring rain barrier. In recent days, Saigon always bathed in heavy rain, but the rain was not enough to prevent the people of Sai into the streets, find their own hot delicacies, fragrant. Take a raincoat on and come with extremely attractive dishes during rainy days at Saigon.


With many advantages such as cheap, easy to find, hot, soup is the first choice of many people when looking for a snack when rain. The soup is most familiar crab soup, in addition to chicken soup, pumpkin soup, duck soup Botanical seed, and the most attractive of which is the crabe4tjdfng soup.

Just minutes quickened around the streets of Saigon, especially the area near the school, you can easily find dozens of soup every smoke inferno, fueled with enough prices according to your requirements. A bowl of soup with 10,000d also, a cup of soup for up to VND40,000 – VND50,000 also.


As a second choice after the soup, porridge is also extremely attractive diners during rainy days. Imagine sitting slurp gruel bowl sauce collapse luxury hot, with a little lemon, a little chili, spicy ginger slices for more concentration, may give the bowl a few pieces of fried quẩy and sipping while the rain kept falling, little cup Saigon sky, was a great feeling.

The two areas most famous porridge Saigon was sector rotation Hang Xanh – Binh Thanh and District 5 Area celebrity Green Goods porridge tastes best with gentle as white porridge, porridge Pandan, green bean soup served with salted duck eggs, pickled, pickles, and 5 county area famous for heart porridge, porridge more blood.


Lagoon snack long is never reduce “hot” in Saigon, from both peers and students to both the office always eager for this dish. Save breaking Gets actually originated from China, then introduced into Vietnam and desirable to today. Break Gets includes parts heart, liver of animals are frying, respect and service for customers

Breaking a long time in Saigon often from pork and beef, will suffer more clearance Wipe the swine Gets a little break, but is considered much tastier. Since being cooked from the guts, so the issue of food hygiene are often people eat proper attention in choosing a place to enjoy. Breaking long can eat, sip with bread, or put noodles in sauce together.

Baked roll

Baked roll is called the “Pizza Vietnam”, and the food was the most searched in Da Lat – city fog. But when this dish brought back to Saigon, we again have the feeling not as good as in Dalat by missing what’s cool there.
Recently, Saigon to get the cool air that afternoon when the rain kept falling poured, making this dish are favorites superior. While still not “right tone” by eating a steaming roll in Dalat, Saigon people still feel warm while enjoying the feeling sank his teeth in this juicy cheese layer.
Above is the very appropriate snack for the rainy day in Saigon, if you want to find yourself a full dish to enjoy with family, friends, look forward to it every 2 offline!

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