The Humanity in the Woton Restaurant

It is a rice-noodle shops, normal as other rice-noodle shops, in Saigon, with the only difference was consistent look luxurious than sign “rice noodles for 20,000 affordable” restaurant occupies a courtyard of a large villa, just sell the morning, guests are very crowded, overflowing the sidewalk cars up front and the sides, clean shop, wood furniture, crockery bowl white plates, stainless steel chopsticks spoon bright rosewood and crystal, green vegetables Fresh look attractive price, guests will also be frozen.

The bar has lots of people served, the morning sun had not impress people, parts bartender furnished furniture, spices arrangement, a fire pot bring water, wash vegetables chopped meat price compose … People arriving later than the side chariots, led parking, cleaning, wash the bowl, dry, run the table, cash … The move to delay again the extra furniture, wash pot, folded back bowls, cleaned the yard to clean …

The bar has lots of people served, the waiter usually older people, guests arrive, wipe them off the table, ask guests to spend, lean pork or beef bones, vegetables and cilantro chili pepper prices How, then no newspaper Back to the bartender, wait for their orders to finish the table for guests, to serve other tables. When guests are done, they go back to belly, clean, and gently draw up tickets to invite the buyers, buyers or not, they also like to thank and farewell guests ceremoniously
The bar has lots of people served, with older people, disabled people, including a woman holding a small child, many people say many voices, northern accent, voice advertising, overripe tone, accent hue, tone sequentially western … when countless women who came in at the time, who strongly do many who do little weak … sequentially everyone was treated to a bowl of rice noodles for delicate buds, like what to eat this one, themselves also, of course, free , who also asked the bartender han, thank attentive, who finished eating then spread out your work go, because they were selling lottery tickets, buy scrap scrap or three-wheel pedicabs … around Saigon.

Restaurant very crowded, delicious rice noodles for people to eat east, nearby hotel, guests from afar to have, SH friendly, but also guest @ cycling, cart also, everyone was treated politely , happy. Those kids school student nearby inn just paid ten thousand was also a bowl of rice noodles for a delicious, exactly one, no sick child or to an additional exam season rolls Department, Department of meat, with very healthy food Study stature, old men trishaw, pedicab, also ask ridiculous eating soups with beef bone or some staff member, to noon buying socks boxed not eat, and delicious … who have money to pay, who not have taken five of seven thousand, stuck again just eat lacking, then there is paid, not out loud, no one tells.

Two grandparents also very old bartender, was nearly eighty, heard lifelong hardy. Villa of rice-noodle shop is the eldest son of grandparents, grandparents have five children, five men must contribute a monthly feature numerous rice-noodle vehicles, to trade for fun grandparent age.

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