The old “ice-Cream” man who caring his wife for heart disease for 30 years ago

Over 30 years, the ice cream cone and filled with cream bread is the source of life of his family and wife brings heart disease.

Well, the hidden behind tall buildings, a path just enough to lead to the homes of family love Mong Diep Do tools, live in Ward 22, Binh Thanh District. From Nha Trang to Saigon career, the couple he was in his 70s but no children, nor have any relatives. This year 67, so relax the blood vessels diseased leg, leading to muscle atrophy, plus heart disease so many years, his wife was no longer healthy enough to do hard work. Everyone cares for his wife, all he fulfilled.
Leaving the little house, the shadow gradually disappeared after he Scallops floors high, tinkling bells just crept over the road. The car was Diep cream bought from waste barns and after being renovated, it became the source to feed his family for more than 30 years. Only 3 thousand ice cream cone and 5 thousand for a bread filled with cream. There was no name, nor signs, his car just roamed cream from the working poor to area elementary schools, from dawn to dusk, every single day.
The day Saigon rain, cars crowded than cream, but he dared not stay sold, for living expenses, medical bills of his wife are counting on this income. Find yourself a shelter, he expected someone is slow, look at and buy him some ice cream. After rain comes sunshine, struggles somewhat alleviated when he saw faces eager, passionate eyes of this young customers. No matter how many other snack childhood each person remains indispensable flavors of ice cream cone, then drive delicious ice cream sandwiches. Looking forward to his vehicle cream will always crowded so he could cover family life these days thereafter.

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