Top 10 busiest shopping district of Saigon

Not only attract tourists to visit the attractive location, unique, delicious dishes, rich … Saigon also known as a “shopping paradise” with shops, markets always rush busiest day and night. Below is a list of the top 10 busiest shopping Saigon synthesized in recent times, invite you to consult offline.

1. Cholon
Binh Tay Market, also known under the name New Big Market, was built in the 20s of XX century. Market is built on an area of ​​over 17,000 m² in the style of ancient oriental style. Binh Tay Market now has over 2,300 stalls, stall business with more than 30 categories of products. Every year over 120,000 tourist arrivals foreigners to visit and shop at the market due to the travel agency of the country brought. Go to Binh Tay Market, visitors watched recently ancient architecture, learn the history of the market and shopping with reasonable price. Address: Reeds, D.6

2. Nguyen Trai Street
Nguyen Trai was a road not long, connecting the two districts 1 and 5 in Saigon but which sells clothes famous fashion for a long time.

It can be divided into 3 zones Nguyen Trai. Clips Ward 15, District 5 is divided by age group 15-20. Customers here multiple categories and multiple origins: every market has, Thai, Chinese and export surplus goods also. Features here is the soft, medium from 70000-300000 VND / dish. Clips from junction Nguyen Trai – Le Hong Phong Street to the intersection of Nguyen Trai – Ton That Tung focus is some mark Vietnam prestigious youth, fashion office Thy like Vietnam, Vietnam Tien and Tay Do Garment, Sanding … Caste than some shops located in Nguyen Trai Street, District 1. The city is only about 200 meters, but there are plenty of shops selling luxury goods to the value of each product from 500,000 to several million .

3. Saigon Square
With these diverse items, particularly rich and affordable, Saigon Square is known as “shopping paradise in the heart of the city” … Because it’s hard to find a certain address land in HCM City to shop for nice clothes just fit nicely in style, little touches but affordable goods as they came.

Saigon Square now has two centers: Saigon Square 1 on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1 and Saigon Square 2 located on Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1. Located in the city center, and yet people still call Saigon Square is familiar a “fair” but not the normal market which is a zone “senior market”.

4. Tan Phu Celadon Aeon Mall
Aeon Tan Phu Celadon’s Mall commercial center from Japan to help you combine shopping, relaxation and entertainment, suitable for all ages. The center has a staff of professional service and thoughtful, full convergence of quality items of prestigious brands.

Aeon Tan Phu Celadon Mall with its large size and 3 floors has become a shopping center with a full range of commodities, items from everyday consumer products to fashion clothing, entertainment, recreation, Beauty care, classroom … dining area with large area including restaurants, fast food, foodcourt became places where customers can not be ignored when arriving in Saigon.

5. Crescent Mall
Officially put into operation in November 2011, Crescent Mall is considered the first commercial center in Vietnam to international standards designed a unique arc, can compare with the commercial center famous in Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries in Asia. Currently, Crescent Mall offers over 134 retail stores across five floors allocated modern and spacious, with two basements for parking and a spacious outdoor parking.

Not just for shopping, the vast lobby of Crescent Mall is also home to many networking events music & special culture. The fashion show, concerts, concerts of famous artists, events, product launches introduced, as well as fun activities free to be regularly held here has gained Smoking a huge new participants, bringing Crescent Mall become a destination entertainment and recreation useful not only for young people but also towards households, involving parents and children.

6. Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market, built in 1914 with an area of ​​13,000 m², with 1,437 individual households and more than 100 stalls of 9 participating business enterprises. Market is repaired upgrade condition, clean planning science industry. Goods in market diversity and meet the needs of consumers, sightseeing, shopping and abroad. Market management team also polite, enthusiastic service. Security, fire safety for people to market. Try a visit to the Ben Thanh market, so that you feel the appeal of traditional Vietnamese street market in the heart of the city center of civilization and modernity.

7. Vincom Center
Vincom Center is the largest commercial center in Saigon, where you can find plenty of shopping, dining or office services. Vincom Center are 2 Vincom A (address 72 Le Thanh Ton) and Vincom B (45A Ly Tu Trong address). Vincom A is located in a building designed by the architecture of France, which showcases international products brought great brand and reputation. In addition to Vincom A you will enjoy delicious food, attractive, bringing the cuisine of the country by elite chefs skilled processing. Vincom Center A is the ideal venue for your best shopping and leisure.

8. SC VivoCity
Located in a strategic location, in 1058, Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, SC VivoCity leveraged the success of the largest commercial center in Singapore – VivoCity – which was voted as one of “10 top shopping destinations world “by 2011. SC VivoCity is located in South Saigon urban area busiest Ho Chi Minh City and the city center is only about 5 km. With a total area of ​​41,000 m² booth, size 5 floors and one basement, SC VivoCity Vietnam will be space utility integrates all the shopping, dining, recreation, entertainment, guaranteed to satisfy demand of every member of the family.

9. An Dong Market – An Dong Plaza
Founded in 1954, An Dong Market is one of the central market of the city with the main item is the fabric, ready-made clothes, shoes … From the ground floor to the 3rd floor is a business area restaurants , sweets, fruits, flowers, furniture, handicraft goods … The upper floors are hotel Cesar Vietnamese and Chinese bank branches. Dong market widely built, spacious, clean and modern, very safe and convenient for shopping. Today, next to An Dong Market, An Dong Plaza building is newly constructed palatial splendor. Park Dong Trade Center Plaza consists of ground floor, mezzanine, from level 1 to level 3 full wholesale and retail business sectors.

10. Lotte Mart Nam Saigon
Lotte is the 5th largest corporation in Korea, operating in various sectors such as distribution, food, petrochemical, construction, entertainment, travel, … The name “Lotte” is the founder of Shin Ho put Kyeok out, inspired by the novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther”. “Lotte” desire to become an enterprise receiving the love, trust of people like the main character in the story, she Charlotte beautiful, talented. Lotte Mart has opened four trade centers, but most crowded and boisterous to mention Lotte Mart Nam Saigon in District 7.

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