Top of 10 Amazing dishes in Saigon (in my opinion)

HCM City (Saigon) is a point of cultural exchange and tourism grew in the South. The majority of you travel the South will have to drop by here, stay at least one night or for a few hours before to place something like Western, Dalat, Phu Quoc, Vung Tau etc v in the short time that sleep you should enlist enjoy the delicious Saigon, the article below will tell 10 succulent cuisine in Saigon for traveland you are passionate about food. You can suggest more of other dishes in the section comments.

In addition to 10 is introduced below, you should consult more articles Listing the delicious Saigon Diner (detail each area)

Saigon Delicacies

1. broken Rice

Saigon first dishes mentioned that anyone thinking of is probably the rice plate. This dish is so popular in Saigon, people eat this dish from breakfast until dinner. Other provinces have Saigon style plate rice but eat certainly not like you eat in Sai Gò tam sai gon

This dish is called Rice Plates since before this dish is cooked from rice “plates” means the type of rice cracking, breaking, bad form rather than as whole grain rice type is expensive. The most popular is the grilled rib plate rice, but the rice is always served other types such as chicken rice, broken rice plate spring packs rib … Rice platters are always served with pickle, a bowl of soup and a cup of sweet and sour sauce to the rice productivity becomes strong and more attractive. Personally I do not like to eat the rice plates in the restaurant is big, it is not the style here, I like to eat in the cafeteria, the sidewalk strollers right on the street and call with 1 glass of iced tea. The new world is the regional specialities.

Eat delicious Plate address:

Phan Chu Trinh Street area has many delicious plates and a cheap, sell all day from early morning to late evening that you should try. Behind the condo Phan Xich Long also has a delicious tantalising but is only open from 5 pm, to 8 pm is gone. Later behind the market Projection Neighbor, Linh Le has a row of open from 12.00 to 18.00.

2. Stock coated in Trang Bang

ball-page-page-bangMặc though this dish is derived from Trang bang, Tay Ninh but has become very popular in Saigon. In Saigon the coated bakery Trang Bang mushroomed but most delicious goods probably still roll the shock in the Glade of 70 Vo Van Tan. The roll is to be exposed to new and delicious served with Frost is enough vegetables in Trang Bang enough. The aromatic vegetables in the garden then hit my basil, need water, shiso, more fish, chives, ngò … Also the type of young leaves, vegetable grows wild on the forest or in the River, creeks, streams … as leaf, guava leaf brooch clones, silk leaves, Sesame, Gemma Gemma kim cang, Gemma xộp leaves, cinnamon, Gemma, vegetable leaves, check … Computer output to more than 30 types of vegetables and aromatic young leaves the category for enough 5: sweet, sour, acrid, fatty, aromatic. Once eaten in several pubs in Trang Bang roll but just saw this new pub full of leaves.

3. Rice noodles

delicious hang sai gonHủ noodles also known as a “multi-ethnic” because it is derived from Cambodia, but due to the Chinese people. Kuy Teav is a popular well no less than in the ground plate, the Sai Into rice but rice noodles, especially. Especially because of the diversity of the types of materials. Rice noodles are origin of pork pieces and Minced pork but in Saigon, there are many kinds of eaten such as: shrimp, liver, quail eggs, squid … And indispensable when enjoying rice noodles are served with vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, chives, cell frequency, reviews … There are 2 ways to eat rice soup is Xu Xu and goofy goofy country. Kuy Teav is a bit dry, soy sauce, garlic and a bowl of broth.There are many style noodles in Saigon as Xu goofy Hong Phat (Vo Van Tan Street), TyLum, Willing Húa … but in the corner of the high street Wins-Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3 also is a significant address to try.

4. contract fish hot pot

delicious gonLẩu wrong view is a familiar dish from Hanoi to Saigon, but the loss of fish hot pot cuisine is characterized the region. Rafter fish is a small fish with fingers, smooth skin, must give up on hotpot famous when alive, fishy taste but very soft, sweet flesh and no bones chips should be very easy to eat. This is the western dishes but famous throughout the country thanks to the combination of a precise way all 3: sour, spicy and sweet. Currently in Hanoi has many pubs, the fish hotpot loss but would in Saigon, I have to eat hot pot hot pot at the disposition of fish loss, number 87 Ba BA Huyen Thanh Quan. The Inn’s spacious, airy, delicious fresh food, affordable prices and staff. We shop has more base 2 in number 10 Nair. In the opinion of many people eating here, the shop has the most delicious fish grilled with green peppers and salt is hot pot fish loss. Eel cleaning discharge is worth a try. The point except here is sitting that long will be the staff pursue smart, can also do here too … The food comes to call more cash, sending both cars also lost money, and you remember to check the Bill carefully.

Saigon cuisine

5. Screws-Crab

The snail is just can eat, just possibly rai and can eat no for a variety of needs from the students to get drunk people. 4 County area has a variety of pubs that snail which also have menus to those dozen kinds of snails, extremely attractive and other seafood. The real estate Cafe in number 229 Hoang Dieu was considered consistent for this area but its chảnh to see only the horizontal price budget. Baked chili salt is the most delicious I saw, possibly due to the taste of the North do not match other sauces too sweet in the South. The Inn has a Crab curry dish that is well known to everyone, enjoy the same bread, pretty tasty.

In addition to the real estate Cafe, near the area of the real estate has a Jemmy, Vinh Khanh 534, lunchtime has Velvet SNAIL, way short of Vinh Khanh 228. Beautiful Snail road pub, then Society has many 12B type screws.

6. duck Pastas Yuanming

Mon ngon ho chi minhMỳ stewed duck is one of those little dishes found for outside Saigon, Chinese origin and conformity with the people like to eat the side dish, stew … Delicious famous cafes in Saigon is the Wheat Signed his Navy, at no. 349 Nguyen Trai, wheat fibers brittle here without bold smell smoking water-dai, North, eating really delicious but the dowload we see capacity 120 k-slightly expensive.

There is a a little cheaper Wages in the Wheat Signed No. 1 Huynh, price range 75-85k but the water used by appetite.

7. Gear Pan

Pancakes when eaten in large sized Saigon than pancakes out of Hanoi, near the wheel diameter with the correct diameter of the pan used to coated pancakes. The name derives from the cake after for the shrimp and bacon to the Pan, top chefs will pour a powder scoops gold guest to pan nursery “pancake” one. If you eat pancakes at a great restaurant, you will not enjoy the talents of the cake chef pour. Also visit the Inn She Two Pancakes 119 Nguyen Van Linh, Neighborhood markets Schmuck Projection, you can just look at the top chefs just might enjoy the pie when it has just been out lò.mon an ngon sai gon

Many pancakes are eaten with vegetables taste spicy is very attractive, but in this pub with typical Western vegetables, including spinach, lightly sour. An important part of this dish was the sweet and sour sauce, someone says that it is the “soul” of the dish.

A budget more pancakes is consistent in Honeysuckle road Hoang, 31, of only 30 k/cake. In the alley 31 Hoang also has a variety of pubs, pancakes and pies khọt, but lot of feedback is not sweet and sour sauce was yummy.

Still not a model then perhaps to mention Pancakes Xiềm Ten, but recently, there are many suggestions that the cake is not as tasty.

8. Rice noodles in the sauce

Quan an ngon sai gonĐây dish is to appear in the list of 10 must-try dishes when Saigon’s culinary bloggers to Mark Wiens and his personal also has the same opinion. Although this slightly heavier dishes smell for the first try but if have to eat 1 time then you will be crushed. This blogger did specify the meal in the Phan BOI Chau with 65 k/Bowl. Bun MAM is the food of the people of Southwest region, the broth made from fish, colourful fish, fish … Cook for half the meat, Combs took part in the water, the little wedge of spices for just the mouth. Eaten as fresh rice vermicelli and garden vegetables such as Endive, lemon, cotton loss nèo, banana … Occasionally, when the local noodle Bowl, entertain the sauce were exquisite few prawns, fish slices. When introduced into Saigon, the dish is combined to add more ingredients such as pork, squid … make sauce noodle Bowl becomes more attractive.

In Saigon has both 1 the bun MAM is crossroads Minh Phung-Hau Giang in District 6, here are a series of open sauce noodle row to quality blackened pretty evenly.

9. grilled meat rice vermicelli

Hanoi is a paradise of water dishes like rice vermicelli, noodle, Burma … but seems of Saigon noodle dishes, Burma … mix. Rice vermicelli with grilled meat is a typical example. The same raw materials like Hanoi’s grilled dishes

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