Ben Thanh night market – The Culinary road that you may to get lost

There will be no exaggeration to say that if not to the Ben Thanh market in Saigon is not, by longstanding, Ben Thanh Market has become a symbol of Saigon where any visitor can not ignore.

I was in Saigon 10 years, but never tried to discover Ben Thanh night market until last Sunday, did not want the weekend went by boredom, detachment decided Foodee looking to Ben Thanh night market an exciting place, but not too busy hustle.

His group sent car at the corner of the night market for 10k / vehicle, too expensive compared with the regulation, but also acceptable for being in the center of District 1 and no other choice. Her first encounter was sold away seven colors, flung her desk really attracted us himself and all those tourists around. Customers coming here in large, continuous buy themselves out. We’re trying to look for her sold-off for 80k / 2 package emerging tickling online to buy food try it, but unfortunately that was not found.
Nearly the night, the line of people flock to the Ben Thanh market is increasingly crowded. Some people stop buying souvenirs, we’d also group then headed to a food without thinking.
Where’s faint scent of barbecue made our 4 kids can not sit still, so we went straight to his desk processing, the shrimp just kick up in the lake was captured alive on and baked on site fragrant
Red chilli salt grilled tilapia very taste, you can call on extra roll served with raw vegetables, vegetable prices 17k per dish, 1 fish like red snapper grilled over 219k price. Listen to him serving dishes introduce garlic clams eat exotic fire up his team order, but unfortunately not as expected
Do not forget the street vendors here while the street vendors have created special features of the Ben Thanh night market in the tourists. Hue is any dirt cake, fried dough, building sidewalks, tea variety, … each dish brings a special flavor and myself did not want to miss the food at all.

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